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Strolling along the Tel Aviv Boardwalk

For those who are not aware, Tel Aviv now has a smaller version of Atlantic City’s famous Boardwalk. Located at what is still known as the Tel Aviv Port, this actual boardwalk contains a number of attractions, including popular restaurants and pubs, boutiques, and more recently a mobile unit for the Channel 24 music TV station.

The place has been exceptionally busy during the current Passover holiday, with people of all ages enjoying the Spring weather to come out to enjoy themselves, have a meal, or just hang out in front of the station booth and watch the people inside performing, as well as enjoying the live music. Those who have small kids can let them play in the large sand box on the sea side of the station, and even get an added treat by getting to see themselves on TV. A number of musical and other entertainment acts have also been performing on an outside stage, also courtesy of Channel 24.

Those who want to experience a rickshaw ride can do so with those red shirted guys whose shirts are stenciled with the words “Ask Me” boldly printed in English. Kids with bikes and skate boards also can have a blast in a section that seems specially designed for them to do various exercises on – as long as the place isn’t too crowded.

Even fishermen seem to like the place and you’ll find several of them throwing their lines out from either the boardwalk railing or from the old port jetty that is still in place from the times the place was an actual port. It might be interesting to add that what used to be old decaying warehouses for the port have now been turned into all kinds of businesses including shops, restaurants and even offices.

Parking is usually not a problem (depending on when you decide to show up) and plenty of free parking is available in the large Reading parking lot, only about a ten minute walk away. The Yarkon River, which runs by the eastern part of the port, has been made into a river walk, and worth a leisurely stroll.

The Port is in fact becoming so popular that for many things, it is even more of an “in place” than the promenade along the Tel Aviv beachfront. The rejuvenation of what was once a very seedy area, and frequented by not so pleasant people, has now become a Mecca for leisure time activities and even has a football pitch and large grassy area for various gatherings.

So, whatever strikes your fancy, there’s plenty to do at the Tel Aviv Port.

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  1. Roslyn Bernstein

    July 30, 2009 at 3:05 am

    Here’s a book for folks on the Tel Aviv boardwalk, Boardwalk Stories (by Roslyn Bernstein), a collection of 14-linked tales, each paired with a vintage black and white boardwalk photo.
    All of the major characters are Jews who earn their living on the boardwalk –failed singers and comedians–who live under the shadow of McCarthyism. The fictional tales are set in the years 1950 to 1970. The book is up on

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