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Durban II and The Horribly Racist Israel

Racist Jews?I am not sure if some of the countries boycotting the Durban II summit are doing it out of solidarity for Israel or the Jewish people. Regardless, I think its very symbolic that today the eve of the Holocaust memorial day the UN conference on racism is on its way with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad taking center stage and meeting with the Swiss President. As I write this I hear that as he started to speak, attacking Israel immediately, people started leaving the hall. What a shock.

R I PThe channel 10 News morning show today showed some Holocaust survivors who were invited to visit one of the Air Force’s largest and oldest bases. The seniors met with the pilots and saw some of the jets on the runway. There was a point where one of the visitors spoke to a pilot and asked him to assure her that there will be no more Holocausts. When asked if these air crafts can reach Iran, he answered that they could reach anywhere they were needed.

This is just one example and extension of the general mood lately. The powers in Israel are preparing the Israeli psyche for the next phase which would be the annihilation of the Iranian Nuclear program. In this case a UN summit “dedicated” to fighting racism and whoring itself out to a notorious Holocaust denier who clearly is calling for destruction of Israel (a UN member) is just the sort of confirmation that the Israeli government is looking for.

I hope the UN books an alternate speaker for the next Durban summit because I have a feeling President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won’t be available.


  1. Its hard to believe the Swiss Prime Minister greeted Ahmadinejad the way he did. But then again, the Swiss expelled thousands of Jews who had taken refuge there, to the Nazis, who sent them to the camps. The next time we all drive by the Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv, I’m sure we’ll be thinking about this – and more.

  2. If Israel needed any good reason to bomb the Iranian nuclear
    facilities to eternity and put the Iranian leadership back where
    they belong-which is in the stone age. whether the American
    new administration agrees with Israel or does not. the Iranian
    facilities must be wiped out by Israel, if only to remind the world
    that no one should ever threaten Israel again!!!

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