Remember we spoke about the preparations in Israel for the possibility of an attack and the overall increasing “readiness” level in Israel? Well this just came in the mail with a handy little magnet so we can attach it to the refrigerator. Look at the pretty colors.

This is the map that tells you how long you have to get to a shelter in the case of an attack. The little circles in purple and green are around the southern towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon (for obvious reasons). Also notable are the areas in the north of Israel that have the pretty red areas. These mean, based on the time table, that they need to haul ass and get into a shelter immediately. No time to spare for them.

We near Tel Aviv are living in the lap of luxury and here in the center of Israel we have a whole 2 minutes to collect our loved ones, assorted pets and get to a shelter. 120 Seconds. Day or night. If you live north of Hadera and in the Haifa area you get 60 seconds.

This is what we get on a Sunday morning to start the week off right!

Emergency Oref Map Israel