When an article appeared recently in some news sites regarding the list of the world’s ten most sexiest women (including Britney Spears of all people), it appears it left out a young woman who has already received the attention of model and fashion publications all over the world; many of whom have picked her as the world’s most sexiest female. And that person is none other than 23 year old Bar Refaeli, Israel’s sizzling blue eyed bomb shell who must have something going for her as she was Hollywood film star Leonardo di Caprio‘s personal friend and ornament for more than a year.

Bar Refaeli on Sports IllustratedRefaeli, who hails from the town of Hod Hasharon, just outside Tel Aviv, is just one example of the luscious and foxy females that this Mediterranean country of only 7 million has managed to produce since its founding 61 years ago. Bar is not exactly a role model for her country though, since she split for the USA not long after finishing high school, and has said during interviews with Israeli newspapers that she considers serving in the Israeli Army as “a waste of time” and that posing in swimsuits is much better for her career.

Ms. Refaeli, who is said to have a “perfect hourglass figure” of 89-61-90 in centimeters, which ‘translated’ into American means 35.6-24.4-36, has become a well known fashion fixture in a number of magazines, including Sports Illustrated, and fashion clothing and cosmetic companies like Ralph Lauren. She is also listed with several high ranking fashion model agencies, including One Management (NY), IMG (Paris/Milan) and Iconic (Berlin). After making the fashion scene in the Big Apple, where she was seen frequently with DiCaprio, she changed her location to Los Angeles in September 2008, after apparently breaking up from the star of Titanic, Blood Diamonds, and other well known flicks. Bar, who speaks perfect American English, besides her native Hebrew, appears to feel comfortable on either side of the world, whether it be the USA or her native Israel.

Sports Illustrated hired her to be in some promotion films wearing sports clothing and an array of fashion swimsuits. She was also photographed recently by world renown Italian fashion photographer, Raphael Mazzucco, on the Caribbean Grenadines Islands. When interviewed by Swimsuit 2009 SI.com, she pulled out all the stops regarding her personal life, career aims, and what “that special guy” in her life has to be. According to Bar, the guy in her life has to have “a sense of humor, a love of life, family values, and be intelligent, giving and understanding”. Apparently Mr. di Caprio did not possess all of these traits, even though Refaeli still considers him as “a personal friend”.

She doesn’t like to go on blind dates, and doesn’t like guys who are vain and “like to talk about themselves”. She also doesn’t like guys who “curse a lot – that’s a definite no!”

Bar hopped over to home country recently to do some publicity bits, including some public service ads dealing with Israel’s worsening water crises, where she and other Israeli personalities were seen “drying up” to dramatize the need by the public to conserve water resources and help save the rapidly depleting Sea of Galilee. Although she constantly exercises to watch her weight and keep her figure in shape, she loves good food, and will occasionally deviate from her health food regime to down “fries and a burger”. When asked what food from Israel she misses the most, her immediate reply was : “Humus! I have yet to find a good place outside of Israel that serves good hummus”.

At least that’s something that she misses from there!