bar refaeli esquireHoly Crap! Bar Rafaeli’s latest cover-page splash seems to do nothing but “snap-crackle-pop”. The sizzling 23 year old Israeli model seems to be getting more daring, as her posing for America’s oldest and (many say) most prestigious men’s magazine, Esquire, leaves almost nothing to the imagination.

Following her recent cover page pose for Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition (also a very prestigious gig that many top athletes literally fight for) Bar was approached by Esquire‘s photo people who offered her a bit of an “unusual” pix in which she would pose au natural with excerpts from author Stephen King’s latest tale . Bar’s attributes are definitely attracting attention in world beauty circles, and the high profile rating beauty and pop culture magazine Maxim has rated Bar as number 3 of the world’s 100 “hottest” women (that goes beyond sexy, I believe). In fact, Maxim went one step further in its admiration for the young Sabra beauty queen by saying:

“If there’s any evidence that the Middle East is a land of beauty and wonder – not just unending turbulence – Bar is it.”

Well, in Bar’s case, we can very much agree with Maxim. Said to still be hanging out with actor Leonardo di Caprio, despite rumors they had gone their separate ways, Ms. Rafaeli seems to be well on the way to topping Maxim’s list which is now headed by actresses Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde.

Many Hollywood actresses, including icons like Marilyn Monroe, started off as fashion models, like Rafaeli presently is now. Is she getting ready to set her goals toward the cinema industry? If she does, no telling where it will take her, as she’s definitely on her way there now!