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No Change For Iran – Mousavi Contests Election Results

No sooner had incumbent Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad declared himself victorious in last Friday’s election, his challenger, Mir Hossein Moussavi cried “foul” at the results of the balloting which gave Ahmadinejad 62.5 % of the total vote. Mousavi, a former Iranian president during the 1980’s and who ran under a campaign of economic and social reform, claimed that many election precincts were “managed by untrustworthy monitors”, and many of his supporters rioted in the streets of major cities afterwards.

News in Stories: Iran Elections Boston GlobeSince foreign observers were banned from the actual balloting, there’s no telling what really went on, and many people who stood in long lines for hours at polling stations; and even had their thumb ink dyed when they did get to vote, may have had their vote discarded during the actual counting period once the polls closed. An amazing 85% of the country’s eligible voters went to the polls in an election which had culminated weeks of intense campaigning by supporters of both candidates in a contest that was really a referendum on Ahmadinejad’s handling of the country’s economy, now experiencing 30% inflation and more than 17% “official” unemployment. Many Mousavi supporters were dissatisfied young Iranians, especially academics who can’t find decent jobs after completing university studies.

Ahmadinejad gave one of his usual long victory speeches on Saturday, and gave an even longer one on Sunday during a news conference where he compared the rioting to disturbances that occur “after a football match”. Football match indeed! The streets of Teheran were almost turned into a battle ground as many young protesters battled police and paramilitary personnel, and numerous vehicles and shops were set ablaze. Many of the protestors were arrested, and it was even rumored that Moussavi himself has been detained for questioning for his possible part in the rioting (and may even be under arrest). The protests, according to many observers, were nothing less than many peoples’ dissatisfaction with the way the country has been run under Ahmadinejad, and how Iran has become increasingly isolated by international sanctions due to the ongoing nuclear program; including Ahmadinejad’s tirades against Israel and his denial of the Holocaust.

News in Stories: Iran Elections Boston GlobeThe results of the election come to no surprise with Israeli leaders, and many even hoped that Ahmadinejad would win in order to continue international pressure against Iran, and especially it’s missile and nuclear enrichment program which is now said to have progressed far enough to have enough enriched uranium and plutonium for at least one if not two nuclear bombs. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is scheduled to give a speech to the country Sunday night, which is said to be a response to both U.S. President Obama’s speech in Cairo, as well as the aftermath of the Iranian elections. Israel has been warned by the Obama administration not to try to “go at it alone” to take out Iran’s nuclear capability; and the country’s leadership is now fully aware that Israel’s current relations with the USA are a far cry from what they were during the Bush administration.

All in all, however, the violent protests which have occurred in many parts of Iran following the election may wind up being a “consolation prize” for Mr. Mousavi and his followers; and are an indication that all is not well in the country. There appears to be a strong “grass roots” movement that could decide it’s had enough with people like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs.

GIANT HAT TIP: Boston Globe Iran’s Presidential Elections in Pictures


  1. Well looks like Iran is stuck with Ahmadinejad (I mean their own version of George Bush)

  2. Iranian people are risking their lives going against the Mullah establishment and Ahmadinejad’s Basiji thugs to show them and the world that they had it – after 30 years of oppression by this blood thirsty mullahs and their goones – they are sick and tired of it and they want the world to see. Sadly, they will be beaten, prisoned, tortured and silenced in the next few days. The establishment has a grip around their throat and it will not let go of their power easily.

  3. I see people in Tehran are all shouting out their windows “God is great” & the Iranian police are trying to break into to as many houses as they can, on hearing same. I think the whole world should shout “God is Great, free Iran” on some night this week. We the free world, have got to help them in any way we can, this is too important in “Humanity” terms not to join in with fellow “Human Beings” who have earned their freedom by winning their election. So people of the “World Unite” how about it!

  4. Come on Biden…I know you’re old…but try keeping up with the rest of us & declare this election a “Fraud”!
    & while I’m on the subject of the fake election in Iran, where’s Obama? Asleep as well, I suppose! After all wasn’t he the one who preached & promoted “Change”!
    There’s a saying…”A week is a long time in Politics”. Watch for that in Iran this week.
    Change is on the way this week in Iran, by the majority of its people, for the majority of its people!
    But the rest of us around the world that take our own rights for granted must join with the people in their quest for what they won in their election. This Ahmadinejad…is no football match non event…it’s the most serious event since 1979 & you’re going to be packing like Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania…who got his comeuppance when the people rebelled. So Ahmadinejad, start counting the seconds…because your ousted second is advancing!

  5. And I would like to send my greetings to Mr Mousavi…& please say to him…don’t give up on what is now yours…don’t give up on your people, the majority that voted for you & last but not least, “Don’t give up on the young generation” they’re Iran’s future.

    & to the women in Iran, you’re “Precious” in the eyes of God…& as equally if not more than the men in Iran that treat you as “Second Class”. Don’t ever forget, how important you are in the World & to the God on High!

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