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Shari Arison: It’s time people knew who I really am

The wealthiest woman in Israel tries to change her image. She is coming out with a new book, and, in its honor, breaks from her usual solitude and agrees to an interview. On her divorce from Ofer Glazer: “I love him but we’ve closed the circle”. On Dankner: “They’ve hung a man in the village square without a trial”. And on her yacht and the rosy future she predicts for herself, after she predicted the economic crisis. (Mako, Emanuel Rosen)

Shari ArisonAt 51, Shari Arison appears to have it all. She has a bank, she has billions. She is the wealthiest woman in Israel and she works nonstop, contributing, active, and still, Arison feels she’s missing out on something. She doesn’t have our love. She wants us to know her as she really is, and not the image created of an estranged, yet glowing, satiated woman. Perhaps the new book she has written, Birth, will accomplish this for her.

“I think I simply felt the time has come for me to be heard, who I really am”, she explains her decision to publish the book. “My book speaks in my voice and people will get to know me.”

Arison writes in her book that she has wanted people to admire her all her life, and it hasn’t happened. She feels exploited, a victim who gives but does not receive. “I am a person who gives a lot of herself”, she says, “and at some point, when you give and give and give and don’t get any back, or the opposite – get back only cynicism and ill will – then you feel empty and used and unappreciated”.

She wishes to free herself from her famous yacht, perhaps the symbol of her wealth. “It’s not for me,” she tries to explain. “For a while I enjoyed it and then I went through a period of torment. I realized I didn’t enjoy all the fuss surrounding it”. The economic crisis created an opportune excuse for her to look for a buyer. The problem is that there aren’t any buyers right now.
Bank of Israel’s insistence on dismissing its Chairman of the Board (Bank HaPoalim), Dani Dankner, she still doesn’t understand. “I think Dani was a wonderful Chairman”, she says. “I didn’t see a justification for what they are doing to him, but besides that, I think the global economic crisis occurred largely due to a loss of values. I don’t think one can hang a person in the village square without a trial or without any reasons I can see”.

Arison tries to explain why she changed her custom of keeping herself far from the camera’s eye in this story. “I am a person and first and foremost I am true to myself,” she says. “I sat quietly while everyone had their say in the newspapers and on TV, whether it was truth or lies and I said: “That’s it, I have something to say and I’m going to come out and say it'”.

The wealthiest woman in Israel claims she foresaw the global economic crisis. “I’ve been receiving messages, call them spiritual communications, for many years”, she tries to explain. “I see things, many things, before they happen. Apparently I’ve been granted this gift, to see the future, not in order to run and buy and sell and make a lot of money, but in order to bring the world to another place”.

She receives these messages, she claims, in images or words, sometimes during sleep. “I received a message that there would be a global economic crisis, that people would begin to go crazy, and we have seen that”, she says. “More and more people are going crazy, it’s amazing”.

These messages also bring hope. “Things will be good afterwards,” she predicts. “I think we are nearing salvation. Right now, it seems like we are in the dark, but light will follow”.

She is also now willing to speak about her father, Ted Arison. “At first, my father didn’t want to leave his businesses to me”, she admits. “Today I understand that it was out of concern. My father’s view towards his daughter was very subjective; he felt that I should stay home with the children. I thought he thought I wasn’t good enough, that I wasn’t deserving enough, but I now understand that this wasn’t true”.

Along with these stormy times, Arison has also had to face the scandal of her divorce from Ofer Glazer a few weeks ago. It was the last stop in a stormy relationship that fueled the press, particularly embarrassing stories – the height of them – her husband’s conviction in two acts of indecent assault and his going to prison.

“We got along well together from the very first moment”, she testifies. “I loved him very much. I love him very much, it was great fun and I learned a lot. I learned to laugh with all my heart, to enjoy, to do major things that are against my nature.”

She describes Glazer as a great hedonist, who loves to travel and have fun. “He likes everything in extravagance”, she says and points out the difference that perhaps brought about the crisis. “I’m very modest, very shy, very introverted. It was good for me”.

So how did it end? “I went through a very important period with Ofer, but we eventually closed the circle”, she says. “I guess I got what I was meant to have, and he got what he was meant to have, and now both of us have to move on”.

She stands behind him regarding the sexual charges he was convicted of. “He was done an injustice”, she says. “I was at home, I was a witness. Nothing happened”.

So who is Shari Arison, besides the woman and her wealth? “I have a lot to offer, and it isn’t money”, she says. “Shari Arison is a business woman, Shari Arison is a philanthropist, Shari Arison has a generous heart. I have a lot to offer”.


  1. Shalom Shari:

    If have a lot to offer, you said and so my advice to you is don’t “offer,” deliver; first the authentic you, to “the auithentic you.” And all else wil follow according His plan in your life.

    Humanomics(sm) is the trajectory of man and mankind, that defines where we’re going in redemption and what we’re NOW compelled to do, together, to get where we’re all going.

    I too received 7 weeks BEFORE Tsunami that it would happen and I wrote it down dated and shared it with others and still it was ignored.

    Yehoshua Ya’acov

  2. Reynaldo M. Mallari

    July 27, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    Dear Madam Shari:

    Greetings of peace and joy!

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    August 20, 2009 at 2:09 pm

    lam a man, Kenyan by nationality, i would like to personal contact Ashari Arison.How can i get her contact.

  4. For thirty years I have operated a school where about a dozen languages are taught. Our mission is to create understanding among peoples. We train language instructors and teach languages. Economically, I am probably worse off now than thrity years ago. Every month is a struggle. But I’m very happy. Rewards I have won are of little importance. I have tried to fullfill a human responsibility of having people better understand each other through language. I try to help people understand people from different worlds and cultures. That is the only little talent I have & I try to serve Him who allowed me this little gift by being good at what I do. I believe as a Jew that that is all God wants from me and that is what makes me happy knowing that. You must be happiest helping others as well since your blessing was primarily in economics.


    Dr. Paul Schneider

  5. Freiman predicted the following on global consciousness a few years ago. I wonder if he and Arison are talking about the same thing?

    “The belief in psychic phenomena will be mathematically implied through the global consciousness project over the next generation, although the final leap of faith will as usual require abstract thought. People with psychic ability or those who can tap into the global consciousness and beyond will be looked upon as celebrities. The ability that people use to give people glimpses into future events will become a valuable commodity but must not be taken lightly. The responsibility can create tremendous pressure and the risk of greed will ruin many who have the gift. Those who take advantage of there abilities run the risk of losing their talent. Of course, charlatans will lurk as they have for a millennia.”

  6. For Shari Arison,

    Perhaps this program will be of assistance to you.

    My Six-Step Path to Enlightenment.

    Step 1. Observe yourself without judgment
    Step 2. Forgive yourself and others.
    Step 3. Accept what you observe.
    Step 4. Love yourself unconditionally.
    Step 5. Awaken from your dream.
    Step 6. Celebrate life forever.

    As Siddartha and many others and others have made clear
    for the past 2,500 years—“All life is suffering”. Fortunately,
    he and others offer ways to transcend this suffering. The wayis meditation…not necessarily formal meditation. The form of meditation I endorse is informal…It is your daily life…”as it is”.

    At first, the Six-Step Path may seem simplistic. Actually, it is—we are complex. Socrates was so right when he said—“The unexamined life is not worth living”.

    My Six-Step Path begins with Observation…not just any observation. This most difficult of all six steps is non-judgmental observation. With non-judgmental observation you witness your own behavior with all its flaws and weaknesses that all humans possess.

    For example, when you get angry, observe that anger. Focus your attention on it. Don’t judge it as either justified or wrong or any other qualifier. Simply see it as a behavior of you, a human being. The more intense and often you focus your attention on your behavior…all your behaviors, without judgment, the more you will see these behaviors begin to wane. The more you see the less they will be. As you get more familiar with your true, imperfect self, you will become, little-by-little, more forgiving of your real self.

    This brings us to the second step in the Six-Step Path…That of Forgiveness. The degree to which you judge yourself is the degree to which you judge others. As you begin to lighten up and be more forgiving of yourself…your own flaws and weaknesses, your judgment of others will also become less frequent and less harsh. In time, this forgiveness of your self and others leads to step three
    of the Six-Step Path—Acceptance.

    Once you can observe without judgment and forgive imperfections you naturally adopt an attitude of acceptance. To forgive and accept what you observe, in yourself and others, is the beginning of true spirituality…and, ultimately, enlightenment.

    Living a non-judgmental life of observation, forgiveness and acceptance brings you to the fourth step in the Six-Step Path—Love. Unconditional love; love without conditions; for your self and others. This is the true, and only, love that comes from our source, through us, to all life. This love IS our source (and us). At this point you are in sync with your source…no longer trying to control the world, just letting it be. In Zen this is “life as it is”.

    Living in this manner you will surely Awaken from your dream—your dream of separation from your source into a separate, ego-centered identity. Your awakening; also called: satori, enlightenment, epiphany, etc. is two-fold—First you know, down to your bones, that you are part of something greater than yourself. Next, you realize that you ARE that thing greater than yourself.

    When this happens, you can’t help but want to Celebrate every moment of life for the miracle it is. The way to express this understanding is to serve others; for they are you…All life is one. Celebrate life forever.

    As you progress (imagined) from being a fear-based, ego-centric part of the universal problem, you become an accepting, loving, part of the solution. Your self in search of itself has found itself in six steps. You are now back where you started but with the understanding of what it means to be…where you are…in the now.

    Don Lubov
    from his book: “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?”…the text for his classes on spirituality.

  7. For Shari Arison,
    In my spirituality classes we use a “Six-Step Path to Enlightenment” that may prove helpful to you. Without going into detail, here, it is as follows:

    Step 1. Observe yourself without judgment.
    Step 2. Forgive yourself and others.
    Step 3. Accept what you observe.
    Step 4. Love yourself unconditionally.
    Step 5. Awaken from your dream.
    Step 6. Celebrate life forever.

    From our textbook: “Who Am I and Why Am I Here?”.
    Don Lubov
    As Ghandi said: “Become the change you wish to see.”


  9. Shari, you must find me, for if you are who you say you are, then I am your master.

    I recall my previous lives, and you who have now maybe returned (Kria?) are only a small component of this wheel, or you are a fraud trying to use your authority to twist the truth.

    You are eirther my partner or you are my enemy, this is the truth which has been withheld. If my enemy then you must die soon, by my effort. If my friend then this world is soon ours. Why do I not feel you near me dear?

    You have one week.

  10. greetings shari fellow lightworker

    it is a fine thing to see someone with so much influence turning to the light. your bravery will teach many that the corruption of the worlds secret governments must be exposed and learned from. exposing the illuminati, the jesuits, the magi and freemasons will be a momentus thing to achieve. you have the backing of a thousand million stars. i would love to know your opinions on the following:

    disclosure of contact between off-planet intelligences and history of ufo cover-up.

    manufactured pandemic outbreaks such as saars, h5n1, h1n1 etc.

    the plans for a cashless, micro-chipped society and the abolishion of the US constitution.

    our relationship to ancient societies and the importance of bloodlines/dna

    the post ww2 collonisation of mars

    nazis and nasa/CIA connection

    future viewing technology

    the list is endless and the truth fascinating.
    if you know about these things then you already know they have to come into the public domain and people need to know the full truth, the best and the worst, people are ready. if you don’t already know this stuff and hope to save the world without telling humanity the truth on all levels then i wish you luck. the new paradigm human, our new evolution, will not need banks, controllers, mass vaccinations, weapons, fossil fuels, nuclear warheads or to be controlled by fear.
    the love we find for eachother when the truth is revealed will boost us into a golden age. if anyone who reads this is going through the anger stage of the revelation i am talking about then please forgive these souls who have controlled us for so long. these beings took a wrong turn, through free will, a long time ago and have been on a one way journey ever since. as have we. forgiveness will heal your hearts my earth family. we and they can make this jump together. life after all is about experience, and learning for the soul. it is only your fear that binds you to their program.

    forgive…. love…. and let go of old patterns… we have a huge family out there above our sacred lands and crystal oceans… its time for our reunion, its time to progress as ONE into our true future.
    as your air is part of my air, my heart is part of your heart.


  11. What a brave lady to talk openly about her visions and dreams I can only admire such a strong person.

  12. Hello Shari,

    I have just finished reading your book and I am grateful that you wrote it. I have read 2 of Dr Weiss’s books and participated in the forum as well. Since then I have been studying whatever God has put in my path. Your book was one of the pieces put in my path and I was pleasantly surprised with your visions of our future. They are very similar to that of mine and a growing number of people in North America.

    I too am a business person and my company will only work with people who practice consciousness work.

    You have our support and encouragement!!

    Mark Tizya – Canada

  13. Hello Shari
    Sorry to bother you, but i received this email from someone and I don’t know if this is a true thing. Please see the email the person sent me here. They wrote:
    It is my pleasure to send you this mail and I pray it meets in you good health. I am Shari Arison and I happened to be one of Israel’s richest women and the controlling shareholder of the country’s second-largest bank. You can read little about me from

    I decided to send you this mail as part of my benevolence attitude especially this time of Economic Crisis round the globe. I have blessed orphanage homes with foods, gift items and financial assistance within my reach and I have also given out monetary assistance to people and you are one of the lucky ones to be blessed this year.

    I have an account worth 500,000 Pound Sterling with Secure Trust Bank in United Kingdom and I have given an instruction to ensure the money should be paid to you. My Personal Assistance in London, the person of Alan Martins will be available to assist you with necessary procedures and how to contact the Secure Trust Bank. His contact details are below;

    Alan Martins
    Tel: +447031998777

    The bank will request for this code (SHARI/934/ACCT09) for security purpose and you are advice keep this very confidential. You will not be able to reach me through this email for security reasons but further correspondence will always be made available to you through Mr. Alan. I wish you all the best and I pray your will put this money into a better use and also assist the less privileged around you.

    Remain Blessed now and forever.

    Shari Arison
    Bank Hapoalim

    Is this true.

    I read about you. And I think that you’re a remarkable person. God bless you.

  14. Blessed Shari:
    You also wrote, “I think we are nearing salvation. Right now, it seems like we are in the dark, but light will follow”. Read on to the light. First, you’re correct. Man’s exile ended ten years ago on ‘9/11’ as its GRAMMAR(S) marked the end of man’s exile and foretold four major events; as were then revealed and documented on the web and ignoroed, though all came to pass, on occasion to man’s extreme peril. One WAS the collapse of communism and capitalism; this is the ideological level. Two, the implosion and eventual collapse of Islam and Christianity. Three, the collapse/implosion of the US and Japanese economies (as is still in process). And four, the collapse of the “local reality” of man’s model of mind in exile; and also its FALSE identity. This WAS man’s Klippa that was is modality of mind that WAS “giving, to receive,” that meant “I give, I get.” This WAS exile’s primary modality, globally; and it has collapsed; and is NOW replaced by “Receiving, to give(sm).” It means to receive the real you, direct from Hashem, NOT the Klippa imitiation duality, FALSE identity of man’s exile of mind. To give the authentic identity of you, to the real you and others. This is man’s present ascent to INHABIT the Quantum Relaity of man’s redemption, as is NOW the trajectory of all mankind. This is what you search for and why the feelings of emptiness. As you are destined to INHABIT the authentic YOU and so too is all Klal Yisrael and eventually all mankind. Redemption is general for ALL mankind, whereas salvation in particular, for every soul. This is the NOW composite emergent NEW World Order-NWO. And its primary post collapse East West convergence modality is Humanomics(sm) whose NEW central organizing principle is “Receiving, to give(sm)” as above that is the NEW cognitive behavioral science first principle and too the NEW halahacha of the Klal’s redemption, as Poseked by Ha Rav. Any way His Blessings, Yehoshusa Ya’acov

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