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Lebanese Fuck Up?

Reports in the Lebanese press on agents from the same Hamulot (Arab gangs), the determination of Lebanese Shabak and modern technological equipment (supplied surprisingly by the USA) according to reports, this is how an Israeli spy ring in Lebanon was caught.

In Lebanon they call it the Mossad Network, and local press have brought in more and more information over the last weeks on captures and arrests of Israeli spy network representatives.

The number of arrests is not clear: 34 according to one source, 65 according to another and no less than 80 according to a third. According to the Lebanese press, agents have marked the homes of Hezbollah people, have gathered information and have drafted additional agents with the “friend brings a friend” method.

A fuck up perhaps?


  1. The only fuck up is this the guy who wrote the shit and the idiots who would fall for it.

  2. I think it was Ynet actually 🙂

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