Austria Nuclear IranIs the Persian Empire crumbling finally? Last time it took a massive slaughter at the hands of the Spartans at Thermopylae to stop them at the most famous battle in ancient European history. Now, all it seems to have taken was a backdoor American threat to let Israel loose on them, stamping a deadline for talks on September, and rounded off with a little bit of political instability, as nearly the entire country is ticked at having been cheated in the rigged Iranian reelection of Ahmadenijad.

I figure one of two possible causes. One possibility, the Iranian regime is finally beginning to feel the grasp around its throat, especially with the latest challenge by a group of reformists against the leadership of the Ayatollah, who supposedly has sanction from Allah himself. I wonder how he got that. We could all use some good sanction from Allah for brutal, totalitarian rule over others. It is, after all, quite convenient for such purposes. To challenge that, takes some guts indeed.

The other possibility is that the Iranian regime is engaging in a little time-buying trickery, giving in to America’s demand to “resolve our differences through words,” while during that time, building and completing the nuclear project. After all, think about it. If they give the US a straight out “NO,” then that’ll probably give a green light to Israel to go and bomb Natanz, setting them back another 10 years, after which Israel would probably have to bomb again and reset the clock. Or then again, maybe not. Saddam after all couldn’t do anything after the 1981 bombing of Osirak and Iraq’s nuclear ambitions haven’t since been seriously rekindled. On the other hand, if Iran says, “Let’s talk,” then Israel will definitely not be allowed to attack so long as a chance remains that the “talk” will work.

I wonder what they’re going to talk about. They want nukes, but what would they settle for? Dollars? Those things are almost worthless these days, and America is nearly bankrupt anyway. But here’s the quote.

“Talks without preconditions is Iran’s main stance in negotiations on the nuclear issue.” This was said by Ali Asghar Soltanieh, Iran’s envoy to the IAEA. The Iranian television report added that Soltanieh had made the announcement based on “mutual respect” for the West.

(Put a Kippa on that guy and he looks just like a nice welfare-peddling Shas guy.)
Well, I’m glad everyone respects each other. Now let’s juts put away the weapons of mass destruction and murder before somebody loses an eye.