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Former Commandos Rescue American from Abusive Husband in PA

What do you do when your daughter is trapped in Tulkarm with an abusive Arab husband and the Palestinian Authority won’t do anything about it, much less the Israeli Army who won’t risk a diplomatic incident over some woman’s domestic abuse issues?

Israeli Commando KnifeSimple. You call on some former commando badass Israelis to take care of the situation themselves. The woman in question, an American citizen, was being held captive by her husband, who refused to let her out of the house and threatened that if she left, she’d never see her two-year-old son again. So the woman’s parents called an Israeli who used to serve in an elite IDF commando unit, and explained the situation to him. He then took responsibility for solving the predicament, enlisted a few of his old buddies from back in the army days, and put a sort of vigilante mission together.

The team began gathering intelligence on the family’s routine, kept doing this for a period of a few weeks, and after enough had been gathered, they staged the rescue. This of course required infiltrating Palestinian Authority territory, something that can at any time result in another kidnapping. Fortunately, everything worked out, the woman and her son were rescued, and the US Consulate was notified.

The woman’s parents offered to give the rescuers a reward, but they refused, saying they did not embark on the mission for the money. Good work, men. Keep making us proud.

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  1. As an American, as a women and as a human being, I am grateful. Thank you, with all my heart, thank you!

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