The place of Civil Unions in Israel is being analyzed in Knesset, as preliminary versions of final legislation bills are being looked over. Knesset Law Committee chairman David Rotem, presented a bill on Tuesday, which while did not represent his overall out look on the issue, at least made steps in the right direction.

rotemAccording to the bill, the government is to appoint a registrar for Civil Unions; and only Civil Unions may be joined by citizens that are not Jewish. Couples will have almost the same rights as marriages, accept that they will not be allowed to adopt children, or the use of a surrogate mother, for 18 months after their union is confirmed. Also they will not have the same rights regarding Citizenship Law, Right of Return Law and Entry to Israel Law.

Tzipi Hotovely a spokesperson from Likud, said she supported the bill but opposed the idea that it was just the first step toward much broader legislation. Human Rights groups have been vehemently opposed to the bill even as it stands, as they feel that it is a form of discrimination against gays and lesbians, and more modern/liberal lifestyles.