Want to bring some of the magic of the Holy Land home to your land without having to pack your suitcase and worry about airlines and hotels and all of that stuff?

Well there are several ways to bring that magic into your life. One of them is going to synagogue, or you can read One Jerusalem.

Still, another way is by immersing yourself in Israeli fashion. How can you do that? Why, it’s easy! You can check out the brand new E-store Hamsa Jewelry.

These guys are amazing! A perfect example of what makes this country so exciting and unique!

An electronic store in hot Web 2.0 fashion, with fun and hip Kabbalah jewelry and accessories.

Flip through the electronic catalog of anklets, bracelets, accessories, earrings and necklaces, and sort by artist, gemstone, material, price, color and charm. With the prices and selection available, you really can’t go wrong.

Anyway, this is what I love about Israel: The unique fashion and visions brought by clever and forward thinking people.

Great energy, great people, and great Kabbalah jewelry.