The article placed Motzei Shabbat on Yahoo, by Associated Press writer, Karoun Demirjian, should not have too many readers gasping in shock. She voices the plausible chance that the United States could cut funding to Israel in order to “squeeze” them – get Netanyahu, who declared the settlement freeze in the first place, to fall in line and stop housing all of those Jews to the east of Jerusalem.

Obama speaking at AIPACIsrael gets an annual sum of $3 billion from the Americans, the largest recipient of US aid, with Afghanistan coming in second (the Taliban devastated country). All of which is earmarked for the IDF, and spent on F-15s and F-16s, jet fuel, high-end munitions and missile defense systems. The deal is that the money filters back into the US economy because Israel agrees to spend it on such weapon manufacturing companies as, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Boeing and others. Good for America.

Israel and America have been on a collision course since before Obama actually took office, and of course the flash point is West Bank Housing. If the United States decides to “squeeze” Israel, we will lose 20% of our annual defense budget, but the sum amounts to just 2% of Israel’s gross domestic product. Be fearless.

Before we demonize the American president, that is before he gives us a reason, recall that it was the Bush Administration who pressured Sharon’s Kadima government to cut out the Gaza Strip, devastating millions of Jews and spelling decades of future war with Hamas. The dandyism of the self-interested United States is a dangerous influence. Be fearless.

If we have learned anything from America, let’s recall Benjamin Franklin who in the face of adversity only worked harder, becoming less dependant on others and less fearful of his enemies. On greed and the weapon of currency he said: “He that is of the opinion money will do everything may well be suspected of doing everything for money.” If Obama would trade military intelligence and economic income to appease the Palestinians who stomp on their flag, that’s their business. If it’s to appease someone else, I want to know who! Be fearless.

Even Theodore Herzl would have admitted: a Jewish State has meaning beyond industry and international trade. It is indeed, a Jewish state, not part of an American empire, no matter how you slice the cake. Be fearless.