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Gaza 2010

There are those in the world that are obsessed with pointing out the oppression and the struggle, and are quick to add fuel to the fire. There is little chance they would want to show these pictures.

In general people tend to always look for the dark side and the “ongoing struggle” that must go on. Maybe it sells better. But when no one was looking this happened…

Gaza 2010..
Take a good look. This is worth preserving and growing. This is what it can be like all over the PA.


  1. ishwender chaudhary

    October 23, 2010 at 9:21 pm

    I am very impressed with the pictures shown above. I am very impressed with the beauti of Gaza. I am impressed with the quility of road condition of the city. I want to mention that still there is some improvement is required in the city which i feel that it very essential. The main improvement which i feel that there should be no intersections in the city, there should be roundabouts only on every merger point of vehicle. In one of the picture there has been a shown a square and the traffic is moving around it. In my view which i strongle belive that there should a big roundabout instead of square. The big roundabout would increase the beauti of the area as well as there would not be any traffic jam problem in the area.
    So, if you feel that my suggestion is having some worth than please convert the square into roundabout and you would find that my suggestion was really having worth. I am a indian citizen and sent so may suggestion to indian government about the improvement of the planning of the road like conversion of T-point of 11-Murti into Roundabout in New Delhi but in India is a country where no body likes changes because changes are alway painful even knowing that the change would improve the road traffic condition. but i feel that your country accepts changes if changes are really worthy. if you accepted my suggestion in future than please inform me in my email address I would be highly obliged that my suggestion improved the world a little bit. Thanks.

  2. ishwender chaudhary

    October 23, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    Your country is as beautiful as your people.

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