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The Jerusalem Chronicle reported Saturday night that the British government is refusing to release documents with information concerning the fate of three Israeli soldiers missing since 1982. They claim the sensitive material could potentially harm diplomatic ties with Syria.

The three Israeli soldiers, Zachary Baumel, Yehuda Katz and Zvi Feldman, went missing after clashes with Syrian and Palestinian troops near the Lebanese village of Sultan Yaqub during the Lebanon War in June, 1982.
Baumel, Feldman, Katz

Ivor Lucas, the UK’s ambassador to Syria, submitted a report to London on the day of the clash, and may have even witnessed the soldiers’ capture by Syrian troops.

A legal team from Manchester is reportedly taking action over the silence from the UK government, acting on behalf of Zachary Baumel’s mother, Miriam. They are demanding the release of information from the British government.

The common response received by the British Foreign Office, after petitions for the release of information, according to Baumel, has been:

“We are conscious that the release of sensitive information would cause harm to our relationship with Syria.”

To which Baumel protested, according to the Jewish Chronicle:

“I just want the public to know this is a humanitarian matter…We keep getting information that these boys and my son were seen in Damascus and that there were witnesses, and anyone who saw something or who could help must help. I feel the possibilities are great that he is still alive, but certainly the families of those who were seen in Damascus are entitled to closure…I am calling on the British government to act in a humanitarian manner and let the families know by releasing this document, for us to go further in finding our children. If you have children, if one of your children would be lost, how would you feel?”

Meanwhile, Syria is very much a point of suspicion for Israeli and Western intelligence lately.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

“A compound in western Syria with buildings and hundreds of missile-shaped items has been identified as functionally related to a nuclear reactor Israel destroyed northeast of Damascus in 2007…Satellite footage of the site in Masyaf was obtained by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security and shows a compound built in a ravine and surrounded by what appears to be a line of trenches.”

The facility could also possibly be a Hezbollah stronghold. A WikiLeaks cable reported increased Syrian support for Hezbollah, including domestic facilities and the donation of longer-range rockets and guided missiles that “could change the military balance and produce a scenario significantly more destructive” than the 2006 war between Hezbollah and Israel.

A U.S. Defense Department official told the New York Times Hezbollah has 50,000 missiles and rockets, including 40-50 missiles able to reach Tel Aviv, and 10 Scud missiles.

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  1. Before I associate with any nationality, religion or group of any kind I am simply a humble citizen of the Earth. I believe it is time for groups and facilities such as that represented on this site to realise that it serves nobody to promote one sector of humanity at the expense of another.
    For millennia the Jewish people were not allowed to rule their own destiny or to hold any office of influence in other nations. This can be seen through the Sumerians, Egyptians, Romans, English, Catholics and just about every nation and religion for thousands of years. All of these groups adopted this stand because they believed the Jewish people represented a destructive and insidious force on their society. It would be a desperate argument to suggest all of these groups were wrong.
    Due to the efforts of the Rothschild family, the influence and leverage they held through the Windsor family the nation of Israel was formed. Now for the first time in history the Jewish people are not only provided a voice but they are amongst the most powerful voices in the world. They have enjoyed this power for almost 1 hundred years through associations such as Rothschild, Windsor, US government and their extreme domination of world media.
    Unfortunately the evidence that has accumulated since the Jewish people have had this power overwhelmingly suggest the decisions made by all the world for thousands of years to prevent the Jewish people from attaining power was correct and justified. The Jewish people have viciously abused this power on a monumental scale that has never been perpetrated by any other group to this extent. Although the entire western world has been subjected to a constant barrage of inflammatory and manipulative information from Jewish people regarding their enemies we have not been allowed the perspective of those enemies. It is now clear to all who choose to see that Israel is the instigator of violence in the Middle East. It is clear that their power is infinitely more than their enemies and that this power is grossly abused to perpetrate breaches of human rights. You continue to milk the atrocities of WW2 for financial reward through your media facilities yet you never provide a balanced perspective. As with the vast majority of the world I condemn the persecution of Jews and any other party throughout WW2 or any other event. The Germans suggested that the Jews were persecuted because they were an insidious, destructive force on their society and substantially influenced the treaty of Versailles. Unfortunately this is a fact.
    In 80 odd years the Jewish people through financial influence, intimidation through media, association to groups such as royalty, fear and persecution have become the most destructive and insidious group to ever walk the Earth. They have been responsible for more violence, financial hardship, persecution and human rights breaches than any other party in history. Their contribution to the current world crisis is dominant. Crisis including terrorism, recession and war.
    I would like to believe that the extreme Jewish views are not representative of the majority of Jewish people. I do believe that all people are equal and that the urgently needed change in Jewish dogma must come from within. Jewish people must desist with this belief of superiority, they must cease their inherent violence, they must stop their persecution of the entire world and they must respect their obligation to behave in an honourable manner. Surely the Jewish people can see the outcome if they do not. I have endured the violence and hardship brought about by this group for a lifetime. Billions of other people have also endured this unacceptable behaviour. It is entirely foolish to believe this can continue for much longer.

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