Alan M. DershowitzHarvard Law School Professor and much-listened-to, publicized, mild, spokesperson for Zionism, Alan M. Dershowitz, will be joining Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s legal defense team. He will be serving in an advisory capacity. Assange’s main attorney, Geoffrey R. Robertson, who has experience working with Dershowitz, contacted the professor to assist with the case. He was also part of the legal “dream team” that successfully defended O.J. Simpson.

Dominating headlines throughout the last year, the Wikileaks organization has recently come under scrutiny for releasing leaked documents from the U.S. State Department. While Mr. Assange is not facing charges in the U.S., he is facing extradition in the U.K. apropos to a sexual assault investigation in Sweden.

The Wikileaks staff did appear in American courts in Alexandria, Va. concerning the Justice Department’s subpoena of all communication records between Wikileaks and its supporters, via Twitter. Twitter is expected to ignore the order.

“This is an outrageous attack by the Obama administration on the privacy and free speech rights of Twitter’s customers—many of them American citizens.”

Dershowitz says he is interested in the case, which deals with the prompt propogation of information via the Internet, because of the connection with “new media” like Facebook, Twitter, and blogging, as well as its relationship with the Fourth Amendment’s defense of privacy.

Dershowitz said:

“Look at what the new media did in Egypt…The U.S. is trying to encourage new media in Iran, but trying to shut it down in the U.S. It is not just Assange’s First Amendment rights, but our First Amendment rights that need to be protected.”