The face of the generation is like the face of the dog run over twice by a “Dan” bus in Tel Aviv. Alas, this is not where the problem lies; it is within the law, the education and within the lack of public discourse. We have other problems except for Iran.

A week ago we heard the story about a dog being run over – twice. First it was merely injured only to be run over again, this time to death, suspiciously by a “Dan” bus driver. We encounter animal cruelty on a daily basis, but this event has crossed a line. To witness a supposedly run over dog and running it over again demonstrate an indifferent, non compassion capable character.

In Dror Cohen’s opinion, the trampling of animal rights and especially the rights of a Labrador, which size cannot be missed, symbolizes a deep loss of values. Thos who are cruel to animals are prone to be cruel to the elderly, homeless and other helpless groups. According to “Dan” spokesperson:

“The driver was unable to stop the bus or change course due to passenger safety considerations and nearby vehicles”.

This declaration demonstrates the apathy Cohen talks about. It seems as though “Dan” is confused and is under the impression it operates trains which are unable to slow down or change course and not buses.

The Dan Transportation Corporation must be up to standard, arrive on schedule and deliver a vital service. It employs a large staff and is supervised by the department of transportation. But what about decency and keeping the safety of all those who pass by without exception? The driver operating a public transportation vehicle takes on not only your safety but also the safety of those who pass by, including animals.

In order to change the state of animal rights, a wider outlook is needed. If you really wish to fight animal cruelty, you must hand the matter to the law. The charges for the crimes for animal cruelty, abuse and the killing of animals must be more severe. This would allow courts of law to issue more serious and appropriate vertices.
According to the animal rights, a person who tortures or abuses animals in any form will suffer 3 years of imprisonment or be fined 226,000 NIS. None the less, according to the Ministry of the Environment’s website courts of law are far from implicating their authority. They mostly issue verdicts much softer than the maximum penalties. The educational systems must do its share and put recourses aside for the matter. A petting zoo in kindergarten is not nearly enough. Abusers come in all ages and especially teens. Why not take the time and efforts to educate high school students in the matter?

Making Israel More Humane
Naive as it may be, it is time for Knesset members to improve our quality of life by updating the 18 year old animal rights law, even though animals don’t have electoral influence. The charges must be more severe, effective and practical and ones that also limit the courts freedom to dismiss them lightly.