For most young travelers setting out with nothing but their backpack and a dream to stamp up there passport with as many countries as possible, the first places they consider visiting are in Western Europe, Eastern Asia, and Australasia, however this is rapidly changing. World travelers and gap year students are looking for more unique places to visit than just the same old stops, which is what makes a place like Jerusalem, Israel so appealing.

Fortunately for backpackers, they are not the only people interested in opening up the Middle East to more travelers. In 2010, one of the first accommodation options designed to meet the needs of budget travelers looking for a cultural, hospitable, and fun place to stay, opened up right in the heart of Jerusalem. Abraham Hostel Jerusalem was built by its founders, who are also travelers at heart, on a vision to help backpackers and tourists truly discover and experience all that the Middle East has to offer. While many travelers worry about terrorism and their own safety in a place like Jerusalem, staying at a hostel like Abraham Hostel offers a fun and safe environment where travelers can get inside information about the best places to visit in the city. Top Israel hostels are becoming more and more popular as travelers discover how fun it is to stay in a place where they can not only save money, but also can meet other backpackers and experience Jerusalem in a whole new way.

From Biblical landmarks to historical destinations and top museums in the world, backpackers will have no trouble finding great places to visit during the day in Jerusalem. The Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Temple Mount and more are must-sees no matter a traveler’s personal religious views. In the evening however, night life can be a little trickier to find in Jerusalem. Many people suggest just heading to Tel Aviv, which is just an hour away and world-renowned for its night clubs and bars, however with a little effort, backpackers can discover great night life options in Jerusalem. Zion Square offers clubs for dancing and the city center of west Jerusalem is a great place for hip bars and pubs. That being said, the best way to discover music and nightlife in Jerusalem is by just asking the knowledgeable staff at a backpacker like Abraham Hostel for their in-the-know suggestion.

In these unique times of internationalism and the importance of learning about cultural respect, backpackers who are interested in an off-the-beaten track experience can find exactly what they are looking for in Jerusalem.