Foreign media reports of the new Israeli law targeted to fight eating disorders are flooding world news. “It’s fantastic!” said plus size model Emme to CNN. Israel is the pioneer, hopefully others soon will follow. The Modeling Bill passed second and third readings and echoed around the world. News networks around the world are speculating whether or not this precedent will inspire other governments to pass bills of this nature.

According to the modeling law, passed a few days ago, male and female models that are clinically underweight will not appear in commercials in the state of Israel. Furthermore, the usage of editing or retouching using programs like Photoshop in order to take in body measurements must be pointed out in bold noticeable writing. These terms will also apply on advertising produced abroad with foreign models that are imported to Israel.

The daily telegraph’s fashion section reported the passing of the bill and mentioned Israel is the first country that has prohibited under weight among professional models. “This looks like the first attempt by a government to fight the fashion industry accused of encouraging eating disorders by putting extreme thinness on a pedestal. This law could inspire other countries battling the Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa epidemics, especially among young women”.

The American CNN network also addressed the new law. American plus size super model Emme said in an interview to the network that the law is sure to encourage other countries to implement similar measures in the battle on eating disorders and prohibit underweight models to appear in advertising.

“I think it’s fantastic! So many men and women are struggling to achieve an appearance that is both unrealistic and unhealthy”, said Emme. The American model also pointed out that the British government has also been vigorously active in stopping advertising agencies that alter girths in photographs and use photographs that present models in an unrealistic manner. News of the groundbreaking bill even reached The Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet Daily News, which has addressed the new law.

According to the bill, the minimum BMI (Body Mass Index) for models is 18.5, under which it will be illegal for models to appear in advertising. Body mass index is defined as the individual’s body mass divided by the square of his or her height. The agency hiring the model will have to refer the model for a medical examination that will determine weather or not he or she are eligible according to the new criteria.