The fight to get the Migron legalized appears to be bleak at this moment. Right-wing members of Knesset have been working feverishly to legalize the Migron before the August 1st deadline.

The Knesset will be on recess with plans to return by the beginning of May. This leaves only a three month window to get a law passed that would either stop or postpone an evacuation from taking place.

Mks have been piecing together a legislation that would get the Migron and other West Bank settlements legalized. The Migron is currently resting on Palestinian lands, and all residents will be ordered to evacuate if a compromise cannot be reached between the state and Migron residents.

A bill was recently introduced to the Knesset that stated that Jewish settlements built on Palestinian land will not be ordered to be evacuated if the land owner does not contest the construction within four years. It will be up to the courts to decide the amount of compensation to the owners, which can come in the form of a cash settlement or nearby lands of equal size. The preamble of the bill, however, will only be valid for settlements with a minimum of 20 families.

The cabinet had declined to support the draft law, which would allow time for an agreement to be reached with Migron inhabitants. Supporters of the law stated they would encourage for an open vote in the Knesset to dissuade the MKs from opposing it. According to a senior coalition source, cabinet support is vital; without it, the opposition will have the upper hand and thwart the vote in the plenum.

So far, right-wing members within Likud have vowed to distance themselves and remove support in the party primary to any MKs who vote in opposition to the bill.