Dear Activist

This letter was published by Netanyahu’s office has been circulated with mixed responses. After the flytilla came through the Public Diplomacy page summarized:

“The Israel Police Implemented security measures today at Israels international airport in order to prevent any disruptions and and disturbances. 78 activists were denied entry into Israel. 18 flew back to the countries they came from and others will fly back within 24 hours. 9 Israelis were detained for causing public disturbances at the Arrival Terminal and where questioned by Police. “

Overall it went by pretty quietly and doesn’t seem to be a real success. That mostly depends on your political position though…for or against….

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  1. Emma says:

    Funny. It says that they are a democracy were people don’t have to live in fear, and yet they won’t let activist do the very simple thing of protesting things they don’t like. What are they afraid of?
    Are they afraid that the activist might find something they weren’t suppose to?
    Are they afraid that public opinion might sway so that gays are actually treated like humans? Oh no, we wouldn’t want that!

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