11-year-old Pakistani Girl Faces Possible Death Sentence for Blasphemy

While spirituality is generally a good thing, when belief in God turns into religious fanaticism, it creates nothing but chaos and gives religion a bad name. This is what is happening right now in Pakistan with a young girl who is being imprisoned and faces a possible death sentence for burning pages out of the Koran.

The girl in question is 11-year-old Rimsha Masih, and there are reports that she has Down’s syndrome. The incident occurred August 16th when a neighbor reported that he saw Rimsha set a page of the Noorani Qaida on fire and placed the burnt remains in a plastic bag. The Noorani Qaida is an Arabic learning guide used by children.

Muslim fundamentalists dispute the reports that Rimsha is only 11 and suffers from downs syndrome. Some claim that she is 16, mentally sound and was completely aware of what she was doing when she lighted up the Noorani Qaida.

After the news spread, Rimsha and her mother was taken into custody where they currently sit in a prison cell. However, her arrest was not enough for some of the locals in her city. They wanted to dish out justice themselves. Reports have already spread of Christians, a minority in the country, being mobbed and having their homes vandalized. It is also believed that as many as 600 Christians were forced to flee their homes near Islamabad for fear of being targeted.

News of Rimsha’s arrest has spurred human rights activists in the country and all over the world to spring to action. They are challenging Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law, which states that anyone who desecrates the Koran or speaks ill of the Prophet Mohammed is a crime punishable by imprisonment and even death. The law does very little to protect Christians and other religious minorities. They are left to fend for themselves from vigilantes and violent extremists.

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  1. Jon says:

    Hear O Europe when will you protest against Christians being persecuted by Muslim in the middle east and what about the poor Christian girl Rishma Masih in Pakistan who as been arrested and put in jail for blasphemy where are all the voice’s of the Western leaders!! for this little girl, there is none.

    But you will never stand up for us Christian in the middle east will you?
    Instead you send our persecutors Aid money, you support opposition groups in Syria, Egypt and Lybia who in-turn persecute us Christian..

    Your Aid money and support and so called Human rights people have become the very blood-life for these Islamic terrorists who are driving us Christians out of the middle east and Asia.

    They rape our women burn our homes and kill our people but you will never speak up for us, instead you turn a blind eye and criticize Christianity.

    Therefore you have become weak and the fear of Islamic terrorists has gripped your hearts. Its in your power to do what’s right,

    But you never speak against the support your Government gives to the opposition, it is you the Tax Payer, your offerings of Aid is the blood life of our persecutors.

    Is it any wonder Western Nations are suffering major financial disaster and the Islamification of Europe and neither of these two problems will ever go away.

    Therefore you are just as guilty and darkness as covered your Land, the light of your lamp is slowly dimming. Never again will you be a great nation, but you shall be remembered as the nation that supported terrorists and you have become a haunt for every living creature.

    Free Rishma Masih speak up for her, a Christian girl aged 11 years old is in a Pakistani prison for blasphemy against Islam …
    your government is sending Aid money to Pakistan and in-turn they persecute us Christian.. make you government stop the aid you are sending… it is the blood-life of our persecutors.
    May God bring us Christians in the Middle east peace and prosperity

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