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Bulls take over Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv stock exchange is celebrating its 70th birthday this month. In Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv, an urban art display of bulls (Bulls and Rates) sponsored by the stock exchange, several leading companies and members of the exchange is being exhibited. The bulls are created by various local artists.

Tel Aviv Bulls - Urban Art

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Razia Gershon Israeli Sculptress debuts online gallery

Yitzhak Rabin Bronze Portrait by Razia GershonBill Clinton Bronze - Razia GershonBill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres are only some of the bronze portraits found in Razia Gershon’s private collection now available on her recently launched website. The veteran Israeli sculptress showcases some of her historic pieces as well as the figurative and animal bronze sculptures that have made her creations so unique and have attracted an international following.

One can not ignore the letters from collectors and dignitaries that have sent personal notes to the sculptress over the years. Letters from Bill Clinton, Shimon Peres and King Hussein are just a few of the names you will find in the Impressions section on the site.

Bronze Sheep - Razia Bronze CollectionExpecting Mother - Razia BronzeRazia displays two primary collections. Her figurative bronze sculptures collection is inspired by her history as a classic dancer and physical education instructor. As a young woman in the early years of Israel’s formation she was a member of the Lechi, getting arrested and escaping twice in her lifetime. One of her first bronze portraits was one of the then leader of the Lechi, Yair Stern. Notable pieces include Fetus, Shopping, Sky is the Limit and her Peace bronze sculpture that is presented to foreign dignitaries visiting Israel and has won international acclaim.

shopping 120Her animal bronze collection is a humoristic interpretation of some of the common wildlife in Israel, in particular the bronze sheep that are scattered around her garden in various poses. The rooster and the deer are also part of the life size garden sculpture collection she presents.

Her collection was professionally photographed by Leonid Padrul of the Museum of Eretz Israel in Tel Aviv, one of the top art photographers in Israel.

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Israel in the eyes of Leonid Padrul – Photographer

Dead Sea by Leonid PadrulI met Leonid Padrul during a project I was working on. A quiet, soft spoken man with a great deal of passion for photography. He has spent a great deal of time studying in pictures the Dead Sea and some of his images are available here.

Born in 1950, Leonid moved to Israel in 1994, in the years that followed he continued his career as a professional photographer. In the years 1986 – 2004 he participated in over 250 exhibitions, both in Israel and around the world. During his career he won gold, silver and bronze medals for selected works, as well as prizes of FIAP, the International Federation of the Art of Photography, acknowledged by U.N.E.S.C.O (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). He is currently the chief photographer for the Erez Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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You can purchase his prints online.
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Matthew Mahon Photographer

I saw this great site and following yesterday’s post I had to add this site. Matthew Mahon is a professional photographer originally from New Jersey currently living in Texas. He is a great photographer that has taken pictures for People’s, Time Magazine and other publications. What is unique about this site is that it provides some personal commentaries narrated by the photographer in a way that provides some insight about him.

To get the full effect load the site and then click on the photos to see them in full size. In some photographs there will be at the bottom right hand an arrow allowing to flip over the image and read about the situation in which it was taken. Other photos will have an icon that initiates the commentary, when clicked, the photographer will appear in the photo with Hodgie, his assistant and talk about the image. If you look carefully in the photos below you’ll see them. This is a great site that offers not just an impressive portfolio but also a personal view of the artist.

All rights reserved to Matthew Mahon – Visit the site

Matthew Mahon Photo
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