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Bye-Bye Olympics

Michael PhelpsWell, the 2008 Summer Olympics come to a close today. It’s been a unique journey.

First of all, the day the games began, Russia and Georgia had spiraled fast into a state of war, shocking the entire world.

Next, we had the bad weather in Beijing, and the murder of an American tourist by a Chinese citizen. The violence didn’t stop there, as we’ve seen yesterday the Cuban taekwondo contender kicking a judge in the head!

As for the winners, it’s been the time of their lives for Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, breaking several astounding records and demonstrating the ingenuity of the human spirit and body. On the Israeli front, Shahar Tzuberi made us all proud with his bronze medal in windsurfing, and rhythmic gymnast Irina Risenzon raised our hopes by making it to the final round.

Nevertheless, the big winners are no doubt the Chinese. They have gained many gold medals, but no less importantly, they’re enjoying the warm embrace of the West despite their failure to improve their human rights record or their environmental attitude. Yesterday they even had the audacity to block the iTunes service within the whole of China, because several guest Olympic athletes downloaded Tibetan protest music via Apple’s internet store. And they do it even before the closing ceremony!

The next summer show will take place in London 4 years from now, but I’m sure plenty water will flow under the bridge by then.

The Race Heats Up

Congratulations to Shahar Tzubery who just won the first Israeli bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics! The race was fantastic.

As for the race to the mayor’s office at Tel-Aviv, today we saw the entrance of a new player to the game: Lawyer Ron Levintal, formerly from Shinui, formed the “Tel-Avivim” party and he’s set on beating the other Ron – Ron Huldai.

As you may remember, Levintal is the man who caused Shinui to disintegrate after he had won Yosef “Tommy” Lapid and managed to gain the party’s No. 1 position.

How is this going to play out? We shall see more in the coming months.

Are you planning to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Well, in case you do plan on watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony, here’s a little background that could answer all the questions you might have and had no one to answer…

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