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The Sputnik Observatory Internet Project

Big fan of Jonathan Harris and this is his anouncement of the latest project called The Sputnik Observatory. Amazing and worth a look.

A result of a two-year collaboration with New York-based Sputnik, Inc., an organization that documents contemporary culture through intimate video interviews with hundreds of leading thinkers in the arts, sciences and technology, covering a wide range of topics.

The central premise of the Sputnik project is that everything is connected to everything else, and that topics and ideas that may seem fringe and even heretical to the mainstream world are in fact being investigated by leading thinkers working in fields as diverse as quantum physics, mathematics, neuroscience, biology, economics, architecture, digital art, video games, computer science and music. Sputnik is dedicated to bringing these crucial ideas from the fringes of thought out into the limelight, so that the world can begin to understand them.

Conducted over more than ten years and previously unavailable to the public, the interviews within the site chronicle some of the most provocative human ideas to have emerged in the last few decades. The site itself aims to highlight the interconnections between seemingly disparate thinkers and ideas, using a simple navigational system with no dead ends, where every thought leads to another thought, akin to swimming the stream of consciousness.

There are about 200 videos on the site today, and there will be thousands more added over the coming weeks, months, and years.

Check out a sample video by Jonathan about Human Feelings:

Our Universe by Jonathan Harris

UniverseI am a big fan of Jonathan Harris. His Internet work was featured on OJ before a couple of times – you can see the post on We Feel Fine & Love Lines here. So when I get this email from Jonathan Harris about his latest project I was excited. As usual, Jonathan is able to clearly visualize the human side of the Internet. In Universe he uses the news information from, a new news aggregation site that presents information in a different format, to show us our mythology – events, quotes, stories, people that are part of our daily life. If you want to understand more about how Universe works, look at Stages. The Universe is an applet that translates the news streams into a “real” graphic universe where the visitor can search any topic across any timeline, look at the major events, stories, pictures and people. The user can even select the backdrop color for his personal universe and the result is remarkable. Amazing work !

In his words:

Universe presents an interactive night sky, composed of thousands of twinkling stars, which then connect to form constellations. Each of these constellations has a specific counterpart in the physical world — a story, a person, a quote, an image, a company, a nation, a mythic theme. Any constellation can be clicked, making it the center of the universe, and causing all other stars to enter its orbit. Universe is infinitely large, and each person’s path through it will be different. For an explanation of how it works, read “Stages”. For a longer discussion of the ideas behind the piece, read “Statement”.
Jonathan Harris

This is what an Israel search for people looks like..

Israel - Universe

Jonathan Harris – An Internet Artist

Jonathan HarrisJonathan Harris is an Internet Artist in every aspect of the term. His work is exciting, challenging and inspiring. Anyone that tries to comprehend the vast amounts of information and the dynamic nature of the Internet has to appreciate those that can incorporate these elements into their work. Jonathan Harris does that.

Born in 1979 in Vermont, he had artistic inclinations from the start, sketching and painting early on. He also collected and pasted bits of life as they passed him by, ticket stubs, dead insects and other items. This served as a good base for what he does today, on a grander scale.

Harris studies computer studies at Princeton. He currently resided in Brooklyn, New York. Over the past few years he has lectured at Princeton, Stanford, Parson’s school of Design and Google. He was featured on CNN, Reuters, BBC, The Guardian, USA Today, Voice of America Radio, Creative Review, and Wired.

These are some of his projects, described in his own words. Explore them, they’re worth it…
His site is called Number 27. is an anonymous question and answer system, open to anyone, with one simple rule: to ask a question, you must first answer someone else’s question. Question yields answer yields question. Strangers helping strangers. site image

10×10 (‘ten by ten’) is an interactive exploration of the words and pictures that define the time. The result is an often moving, sometimes shocking, occasionally frivolous, but always fitting snapshot of our world. Every hour, 10×10 collects the 100 words and pictures that matter most on a global scale, and presents them as a single image, taken to encapsulate that moment in time. Over the course of days, months, and years, 10×10 leaves a trail of these hourly statements which, stitched together side by side, form a continuous patchwork tapestry of human life.
10×10 is ever-changing, ever-growing, quietly observing the ways in which we live. It records our wars and crises, our triumphs and tragedies, our mistakes and milestones. When we make history, or at least the headlines, 10×10 takes note and remembers.

Ten by Ten

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