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Dr. Wafa Sultan getting threats

Update to the post made March 5th (Wafa Sultan Video courtesy of Memri TV) – This was published in the New York Times. Seems like Dr. Wafa Sultan has now been getting threats on her life.
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Dr. Wafa Sultan on Recent Events in the Arab World

This interview was broadcast on Al-Jazeera TV on February 21st , 2006 and is presented with translation on MemriTV. The woman speaking is Dr. Wafa Sultan and Arab-American Psychologist about the recent Mohammed cartoon riots and Islamic clashes with the west. She speaks about the difference in cultures and the need for change in the Arab world. It’s worth a look and is an example of a forward thinking Arab woman who says things that no one in the Arab world has had the guts to say for a long time. One can only hope that people will listen and that her views and passion will spread like wild fire in the Arab world. Her article was also published on Annaqed where she openly criticizes the Muslim brotherhood.

Dr. Wafa Sultan

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