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Ignorance is Divine

26,000 Haredi children will reach the age of 18 without knowing basic mathematics, civics, or any English at all.

SeclusionUp until now, the 260 Haredi Yeshivas that did not teach the Core Curriculum to their children were deemed inappropriate to receive governmental funding. They received such funding anyway, contra legem. But since the matter had been exposed, these Haredi institutions faced the threat of being revoked of any governmental funding unless they incorporate some math and English lessons in their curriculum.

A new law that passed in the Knesset late last week now allows this absurd situation to resume, lawfully! Ignorance is not state sponsored.

This novel measure only perpetuate the cycle of ignorance and poverty within the Haredi population, and further divides the Israeli community as a whole. Another implication of the Haredi educational system is the inability of Haredi children to be exposed to contradictory dogmas, and when some of these already grown-up children decide to question religion and to enter the realm of secularism — and be sure, these people do exist — they step outside with no tools or knowledge to help them face the secular reality.

In short, it’s an educational system that perpetuates control no less than it perpetues ignorance. While I deeply respect my Haredi brothers, I don’t think this ever-growing seclusion is doing them good.

Biggest Educational Experiment in Israeli History is Taking Off

The New Horizon (Ofek Ha’dash) plan, which plans to reform bureaucratic methods of work in elementary and secondary schools across the country, has been finally signed today, set to be implemented by September in time for the next school year. Its estimated cost exceeds 5.5 billion shekels.

Minister of Education, Prof. Yuli Tamir is touring to the country to promote the new reform, while certain groups of teachers threaten to resign in protest over the less-publicized clauses in the reform which — they claim — will hurt their salary and their pension rights.

Academic Wars

the settlement of ArielAriel is one of the largest settlements in the West Bank; a central point of contention between the Israelis and the Palestinians in a future Peace Agreement. There is an academic center that operates in the city since 1982, titled “The College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel”. It began as an affiliate of Bar-Ilan University, but later went its own separate way. In the last three years, several parties have been attempting to grant the college of Ariel a University status. Recently, the college even changed its official title to “Ariel University Center of Samaria“.

However, this move wasn’t authorized by the Ministry of Education nor by the Council for Higher Education. Today it was announced that these two bodies officially revoked the academic center’s University status by refusing to review any correspondence sent to them which carries the unapproved title. The practical meaning of this is that students who graduate from Ariel won’t be recognized as degree holders elsewhere in the country.

Currently, there are only 6 institutions in Israel which carry University status, while all the rest are being regarded as Colleges. The title has significance when it comes to the flow of funds from the governments and from private donors, as well as having impact on the prestige of the graduates’ degrees and the graduates’ prospect of finding good jobs.

Now, the Ariel affair is more of a political battle than simply a matter of bureaucracy. First, bestowing a certain college with a University status is a unique and rare occasion in Israel, and it happens once in many years. Therefore, granting “the College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel” a University status would mean that the prospects of the government establishing a new university in the Galilee (a northern part of Israel) will greatly diminish. And such a northern university has long been in demand. Moreover, giving Ariel what it wants would send a clear political message that Israel considers Ariel to be an integral part of the country, damaging both the peace talks and Israel’s diplomatic position in the world.

In response the aforementioned announcement, students in Ariel told the media that “this is a declaration of war made by the Ministry of Education”.

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