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Mazal Tov to LabPixies

Google has announced an agreement to acquire the Israeli start-up Labpixies for an estimated $25 million, in a move which it hopes will strengthen its search pages through the development of Web site gadgets to attract even more users.

“We are excited to welcome Labpixies, they are a natural fit with our Israel team and represent all that is attractive and innovative about the Israeli tech start-up scene,”

Said Yossi Matias, the Director of Google Israel R&D center.

The acquisition is actually the first-ever deal that Google has made in the Jewish Country since its center in Israel was launched in 2005. Google claims that the deal is a strategic step for its Israel research & development center. The Labpixies team, under the terms of the deal, will be integrated into the Google Israel office based in Tel Aviv working across a wide variety of platforms and anchoring the iGoogle search page across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Google said:

“The shared focus on the user and passion for applications made this the right time to come together and an exciting opportunity to do more together for users and developers…The acquisition is an opportunity to learn from each other to bring more applications to users, help developers and improve the overall developer ecosystem.”

Founded in 2006, Labpixies creates interactive gadgets for web environments. These mini-applications are personalized web gadgets, known as “widgets” including iGoogle, Android and iPhone, and are developed in-house, from inception to creation.

LabPixies’ widgets range from handy tools such as calendars, news feeds and to-do lists to entertainment and games.

The start-up, which is run by a tiny team of 10 employees, has until now developed 70 widgets and has over 40 million users. The start-up is financed by private investors and received $1 million in a series round of funding in June 2008. Among the investors is Yaron Carni, who represents a boutique Angel group of high added value individuals from New York and London, who invest privately in a variety of strictly Israeli based companies.

CEO of Labpixies, Ran Ben-Yair said:

“We started Labpixies to create a truly personalized online experience and develop fun widgets that people find useful every day…Working at Google will help us scale to more people as well as giving our team greater opportunities.”

In recent years, the Labpixies and Google team have worked on many projects together, including the launch of global OpenSocial. In addition, Labpixies was one of the first developers to create gadgets for iGoogle, in order to give users greater access to useful everyday information such as news, weather, games and videos as well as email.

The Future of Jewish Web-Surfing

jewish InternetLast August saw the release of 4Wall LLC’s Jewish Internet Metric Study. It is a project aimed towards helping the Jewish community understand the “hurdles and opportunities” presented by the Internet. Certainly the idea behind this research flies in the face of fliers posted in residential ultra-orthodox areas in Israel which read, “אינטרנט מביא סרטן” or ‘The Internet Brings Cancer‘.

Using the practices of the Mckinsey Consulting Firm to get a close-up look at the “Jewish Web”, 4Wall examined data from search engines, taken from between April and June of 2009 to get an understanding of “Web engagement, traffic, demographics, content architecture and market response.” The study analyzed current traffic volume and the four year change in traffic volume of 32 Jewish search terms.

Researchers were surprised when they found an apparent steady decline in Jewish Web-surfing. The main five terms on the decline of the four year spread included: “Judaica” (-54%), “Reform Judaism” (-66%), “Anti-Semitism” (-74%), “Jewish Dating” (-85%) and the largest drop, “Kabbalah” (-87%).

The five highest searches were: “Jewish,” “Israel,” “Holocaust,” “Jerusalem” and “Kosher”. Still even these terms generate less traffic than they did four years ago. The complete sample set of 32 Jewish terms drew an average decrease in search traffic of 25%.

Five search terms, however, became more popular since 2005, these are: “Rosh HaShanah” (49%), “Chabad” (21%), “Challah” (16%), “Matzah” (10%) and “Yom Kippur” (9%).

Despite the decline in Jewish search terms, though, the study DID find a rise in traffic to Jewish news, blogs, education and general information sites. Actually there was a 62% increase in traffic to Jewish news Websites, just within this past year.

Internet Justice Rewarded To Israeli Tech Master Mind

RefuahYou know when you surf the Web using your trusty Web 2.0 browser, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, or whatever it is that you use; and you navigate your way around, by typing in the HTML address of the website, which you would like to visit? Not many know this, but the software which provides the address bar, was invented by an 18 year old Israeli, named Aviv Refuah. All of the Internet giants have been using this software to create their programs for the least ten years. Now, they just may have to start paying up, because the patenting license submitted by an 18 year old Refuah, has just been approved!

While neither Aviv, nor the 55 employees of his company, Netex, have received a penny in licensing proceeds, so far; the value of the company’s stock jumped 144% on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

The 18 year old Refuah submitted his brain child for patenting and really changed the face of web browsing, then went and joined the Israeli Army. Now 10 years later, the 28 year old Israeli is the CEO of a company that is worth $20,000,000. Currently the employees at Netex are working on an idea called, Springo is designed to make web browsing faster and easier, by providing instant links for the hottest social networking, online shopping, news, maps and email sites. The site’s ‘header’ reads: Springo beta/Shortcutting the Web.

We will look to Refuah as an example of Internet justice, now that his U.S. patent has been rightfully claimed. And we will look to Netex as a future spring board of big ideas; and a juicy baby tech company, undoubtedly causing the big corporations to lick their chops.

The Sputnik Observatory Internet Project

Big fan of Jonathan Harris and this is his anouncement of the latest project called The Sputnik Observatory. Amazing and worth a look.

A result of a two-year collaboration with New York-based Sputnik, Inc., an organization that documents contemporary culture through intimate video interviews with hundreds of leading thinkers in the arts, sciences and technology, covering a wide range of topics.

The central premise of the Sputnik project is that everything is connected to everything else, and that topics and ideas that may seem fringe and even heretical to the mainstream world are in fact being investigated by leading thinkers working in fields as diverse as quantum physics, mathematics, neuroscience, biology, economics, architecture, digital art, video games, computer science and music. Sputnik is dedicated to bringing these crucial ideas from the fringes of thought out into the limelight, so that the world can begin to understand them.

Conducted over more than ten years and previously unavailable to the public, the interviews within the site chronicle some of the most provocative human ideas to have emerged in the last few decades. The site itself aims to highlight the interconnections between seemingly disparate thinkers and ideas, using a simple navigational system with no dead ends, where every thought leads to another thought, akin to swimming the stream of consciousness.

There are about 200 videos on the site today, and there will be thousands more added over the coming weeks, months, and years.

Check out a sample video by Jonathan about Human Feelings:

Promote Yourself with Glooq

Promote yourself with glooqSending emails, instead of phone calls or other forms of communication (including faxes), has become so common that many people only use this method of self-expression in every day personal and business affairs. Emails are also being used to replace sending fliers and other forms of “hard copy” notices and advertising to both customers and personal acquaintances alike. Because this reliance on high tech messaging is becoming so popular, a company named Glooqâ„¢ is offering some innovative and eco-friendly solutions for “getting the word out” to customers and friends.

Founded back in 2007 by an English high tech maven, Elad Schneor and Oded Bali, the company offers it’s customers not only ingenious ways to promote themselves and their products and services electronically, but in ways which are much more ecologically friendly than printing and sending out advertising material that most often winds up thrown into trash cans and garbage bags, using large amounts of paper and plastic materials which are wasteful and pollute our environment. Besides the UK, Glooq is now offering its innovative solutions in a number of European countries and others as far away as Vietnam. Glooq offers its customers a number of promotion and display options, including “design your own” banner advertising, specialized logos, and even promotional photographs (including the customer’s own personal photo, if desired). To attract customers to become a Glooq partner, Schneor offers special presentation “packages” at very attractive prices for periods ranging from one to twelve months, and payable either by credit cards or electronic payment options.

Glooq offers customers a “massive reach” to send their messages to literally thousands of destinations on one single sending. Since the message and advertisement has the appearance of being sent directly from the sender, it is more likely to be opened and read, as not deleted as Spam. And since the message is more personalized it is more likely to be acted upon by the receiver.

Glooq’s advertising and promotion message tools are being using by hundreds of popular “brand name” product and service companies, including Hertz, TBWA (France), McCann Erickson, REMAX Realtors, DHL and many others. And in order to induce potential partners to join up, Glooq offers a free 14 day trial.

Glooq’s message systems work well with most email systems including Microsoft Outlook and Express, Mac Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and others; and is compatible with both Windows XP and Vista software packages.

Bye-Bye Olympics

Michael PhelpsWell, the 2008 Summer Olympics come to a close today. It’s been a unique journey.

First of all, the day the games began, Russia and Georgia had spiraled fast into a state of war, shocking the entire world.

Next, we had the bad weather in Beijing, and the murder of an American tourist by a Chinese citizen. The violence didn’t stop there, as we’ve seen yesterday the Cuban taekwondo contender kicking a judge in the head!

As for the winners, it’s been the time of their lives for Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt, breaking several astounding records and demonstrating the ingenuity of the human spirit and body. On the Israeli front, Shahar Tzuberi made us all proud with his bronze medal in windsurfing, and rhythmic gymnast Irina Risenzon raised our hopes by making it to the final round.

Nevertheless, the big winners are no doubt the Chinese. They have gained many gold medals, but no less importantly, they’re enjoying the warm embrace of the West despite their failure to improve their human rights record or their environmental attitude. Yesterday they even had the audacity to block the iTunes service within the whole of China, because several guest Olympic athletes downloaded Tibetan protest music via Apple’s internet store. And they do it even before the closing ceremony!

The next summer show will take place in London 4 years from now, but I’m sure plenty water will flow under the bridge by then.

Why would anyone want to be a politician – Part 2

Barack Obama finally clinched the desired amount of delegates to win the Democratic Party nomination. I searched the internet and tried to locate a speech or a statement in which Obama declares why he decided to enter the presidential race. I couldn’t find it — and I’d thank the readers if they could refer me to such an instance. Yes, he’s constantly declaring why he’d be a better president than the other candidates, but it’s not the same as revealing your personal motives for hopping into the political swamp.

Yesterday I took upon myself to map the possible motives that drive people into the political arena, arranging these motives within three categories: Pragmatic Reasons, Psychological Deficiencies, and Moral Imperatives. Today I want to cover the remaining two categories….

Obama plays Superman

B. The Psychological Deficiencies that haunt politicians:

1) Frank (fictional name) had a difficult mom. She was always disappointed of him. Later in life, he felt intimidated around successful people. See, Frank has issues of self esteem. So he took an intimate oath to prove the world he’s worth more than it seems at first glance. No less important, he needs to prove to himself that he’s a man, that he can achieve something major in life. At night he dreams how he looks down at his former classmates and say to them “Look at me now! You didn’t believe I’d make it this far, did you?”. Well, what signifies success better than being a top-rank politician?

2) Margaret (Frank’s fictional colleague) dislikes uncertainty. In fact, she can’t stand it. She always has a pesky need to know “what’s happening”, and “who’s playing against whom”. In other words, Margaret is a control-freak. She doesn’t like to take directives from others, and she’d be infuriated if you leave her “out of the loop”. Her psychiatrist claims she has trust issues, but she doesn’t trust his diagnosis. She ventured into politics because everyone else is so inept, and it’s about time things would be done her way.

C. Finally, some politicians do what they do not because they want to, but because they feel obliged to help other people:

1) Obama (a fictional character?) looks around him and feels a great discontent with the way things are being done at the present. Many people are suffering, and he dreams of making a difference. He’s an idealist, and couldn’t be idly sitting by when action needs to be taken. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty, but whenever he tried in the past to avoid being socially and politically involved, he quickly became restless and anguished with feelings of guilt. Can he turn his back to all these children, crying out his name for help?

…Nevertheless, his critics accuse him of having the same condition as Margaret. At least she doesn’t cover up her need for control with delusional thoughts.

2) Bush (a real-life phenomenon) has a calling. God sent him on a mission to save humanity. His church leaders urged him to spread their values across the country and in the lands of the infidels. He’s doing what he has to do, merely executing what’s been asked of him. Along the way, he’s also securing his place in heaven above.

Unfortunately, Moral Imperatives are the worst of the Psychological Deficiencies politicians can have.

Do I have a conclusion? Yes – Choose your candidate on the basis of his platform. Whatever drives him to put forth a certain platform doesn’t really matter, as long as his psychological/moral/financial needs go hand in hand with our political agenda.

New HooQs out on Alpha – Online VJ’s Needed!

The new version of Hooqs is out and let me tell you its fantastic. The new system still in Alpha allows users to create content channels viewable online and on mobile. Read the brief that appeared on their blog:

HooQs is a user centric service where users create and share media channels for mobile devices. Channels are created and edited online using the HooQs Studio. Video clips and audio tracks can be fetched from the open internet and uploaded from personal computers. Each channel is accessible on the web as well as on every internet connected, media enabled mobile phone. Forwarding to mobile phones worldwide is easily done for free from HooQs. Registered users get access to Clips4U – a personalized video feed based – and can easily build their own personal mobile portal. Everything is free, no installation required anywhere.

Anyway, if you are a video content fanatic and would want to start your own channel, publish and monetize your own content then this is the place. Take a look at the new Studio and the great features that you have available. This content will of course also be viewable on all mobile platforms…
Continue reading

Fitna Removed

I heard lots of talk about Fitna the Geert Wilders film about the Koran and its broadcasting recently on the Internet. You will notice that the movie was removed from LiveLeak with a statement saying something about threats and fear being the cause for the removal.
I tried to visit the movie website but nothing was there…

Too Hot, much too Hot

Today’s been a record hot day for the season. I’m not sure what the temperature actually is but it feels close to around 90F. The heat in Israel can be uncomfortable, but it’s easy to get distracted from it when dealing with other things– like, say, the Israeli service industry.

My latest run-in– maybe “collision” would be a better word– was with the Internet and cable provider Hot. I’ll give a little background on the company in the form of telling you that there is a Hebrew website called “I Hate Hot.” The website is well built and seems very active.

The first salvo of stupidity occurred, naturally, the first time I contacted Hot about a problem I was having with my connection. The technician said, “How can I help you?” I said, “I have a problem with my internet.” There was silence until I said, “Hello?” The thick Israeli accent on the other end responded, “Ehhhh….yes, ehh, my computer is brroken, so I must to pass you to another person.” Bad omen.

They eventually managed to send out a technician– who didn’t fix the problem. They sent another one 3 days later and, you guessed it, no dice. They sent a third who decided it’d be better for him to not show up at all.

The first customer service representative to “help” me after the volley of failed technicians was a cute-sounding Israeli girl, Meirav. Meirav said she’d get back to me. Ha. The second one (also cute-sounding) told me she’d also call me back but I didn’t allow that to happen. Very angry by this point, I said, “No. Either I speak to a manager or I cancel the account. It’s that simple.” The girl pulled out a whole new strategy: she said “Okay, hold on please,” and then left me hanging on hold indefinitely. Clearly this girl was taught the art of attrition when she was in the army.

Then Yair called me from the tech department. “Ehhh…I must to know what the problem with internet.” Yair…Yair…are you really asking me this question again? We go through the motions of this silly dance of failed customer “service”. We reach a conclusion: someone who speaks English will call me back.

Are you still wondering if that actually happened?

I was initially going to use the first incident– the Hot computer technician who has a broken computer– as a metaphor to illustrate some sociological or economic phenomenon in Israel. I’m not sure what the metaphor means anymore, or if the situation is anything more than literal.

But with 18 families controlling the vast majority of the wealth, utilities and government institutions it’s not really that surprising. It’s even less surprising when you take into account a public that thinks an Ivri Lider-Aviv Gefen-Rita sing-a-long constitutes a protest. I say again and again that there’s only one real problem in Israel– it just has many facets.

I just got off the phone with another technician who told me confidently that he made an appointment with a “professional” technician to come fix the problem tomorrow, since the problem is complex and needs “professional” service (making me wonder what the other guys were). He asked me to hold, came back, and then told me that, actually, the pro can’t come tomorrow. Someone will have to call me back later.

Religion On The Upswing in Israel

Hanukkah Judaica GiftsA recent survey by the Israel Democracy Institute’s Guttman Center revealed that only 20% of the country’s Jewish population considers itself secular, i.e. not having any religious observance or affiliation. This percentile is reported to be much lower than it was 30 years ago when 41% of the Jewish population claimed to be in the same category. While this doesn’t mean that the other 80% is now religious, however, as those in this category range anywhere from “traditional” and mildly observant to ultra orthodox, including those folk who live in neighborhoods like Jerusalem’s Mea Shaarim, and Bnei Brak, near Tel Aviv.

“Traditional” can also have a wide ranging spectrum as it can include families who light Shabbat candles on Fridays, but engage in all normal weekend activities, including cooking, driving, watching T.V., etc. It can even include those who occasionally go to religious services on either Friday evening or Saturday, and drive their car there and back home. Those who conducted the survey concluded that there has been an increase in religious observance in recent years, despite such Shabbat distractions as shopping malls, the Internet, and 24 hour cable T.V. The survey also found that more younger people, i.e. in the 20 to 30 age group, are becoming more religious. Sephardic Jews (56%) are now more observant then they were 30 years ago as compared to only 17% more for Ashkenazi or European origin Jews.

A side note to these findings is that the right winged elements of the population are found more from religious and observant households that from secular ones. This is something most of us have probably already concluded on our own, however.

The distinction as to what constitutes a completely secular person, as compared to a traditional or observant person is a bit confusing, as to be classified as a purely secular person, one would virtually have to be either atheist, or pretty close to it. Many people occasionally light candles on Shabbat of before religious holidays, yet do not go to synagogue or say any prayers at home. Many people have festive meals on holidays such as Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) and virtually all families sit down to some kind of Passover Seder – whether that includes eating only kosher for Passover food or not. And in recent year, shopping strips and malls are crammed with Saturday shoppers, who also pop in to their local Tiv Taam or other supermarket open on Saturdays and holidays to purchase a few things they may have run out of or decide they want. This doesn’t mean they purchase non kosher meat or seafood in these stores, however. But religious and observant people would never set foot in places like Tiv Taam, even during the week.

The phenomenon of people drifting towards religion is a worldwide one, according to the Institutes findings, and can be attributed to a number of reasons. This also accounts, according to the Institute, for the changing political affiliations of many people. Despite these findings, many of those people who classify themselves as “traditional” and even mildly observant will still go out on Friday nights (especially the young people) and will crowd the malls on Saturday or head to their favorite picnic spot, or to the beach. The only conclusion that can be drawn from all this is that religious identification is purely a matter of personal choice and practice. Next Big Mobile Content Startup

I know these guys and have been watching them grow and develop into this great site and technology platform over the last 12 months. HooQs is the next thing in mobile content sharing and worth a look.

The company developed a platform and community that allows the sharing and sending of video content to new generation cell phones (which is becoming the norm). It’s very interesting how this company is bridging between Internet content and mobile content and I am sure we will see more of these initiatives in the coming months in what is now a definite trend. The company is lead by the very capable hands of Itay Gissin and is a sure up and comer in the field of mobile content sharing. Watch out for this one !!

This is a new video clip they just put out to promote the site and service at

O.J. Simpson “Rides” Again!

OJFormer football star, actor, and murder suspect O.J. Simpson was back in the slammer again after his arraignment on a number of criminal indictments, including burglary, armed robbery, aggravated assault, and just plain nastiness. In fact, Simpson was literally “caught in the act” this time, by video cameras at a Los Vegas hotel and casino who Simpson and two other men are accused of trying to ‘acquire’ some valuable sports memorabilia, the kind of stuff that would sell really well on internet sites like Ebay.

What really makes things appear to be going badly for the ex-college and pro football star is that he was originally denied bail; situation that usually only happens in very severe crimes, including Capital crimes like murder. The reason for not granting bail stems from fear that Simpson my try to “jump bail” and escape. After some careful maneuvering by his trusted attorney, O.J. was finally released on $150,000 bail, and immediately left for his home in Miami Florida. His “exit” from police custody was filmed and is almost as interesting as when he was being chased by half of the LAPD following his indictment for murdering his ex-wife, Nicole, and her boyfriend, Ron Goldman.

After managing to extricate himself from the double murder rap involving his ex-wife, and her boyfriend, O.J. was sued by the victim’s families and wound up having to pay them nearly 33.5 million dollars in compensation. He declared bankruptcy to protect what little assets he had left following his paying off his high priced legal team for both trials. His fortunes seemed to go from bad to worse afterwards, and when he wrote and published a book called “If I Did It” dealing with his supposed role in the double homicide, the victim’s families were able to secure an injunction preventing Simpson from realizing any royalty profits from the sale of his book, and they would have ownership rights to all revenues generated from its sale. The book has been renamed: If I Did It: Confessions of a Killer.

Perhaps his financial dilemmas made him so desperate that he tried to pull of this Vegas heist, with all its implications. The LVPD didn’t give him any ‘respect’ however, and they along with possibly thousands of others would no doubt like to see Simpson put behind bars for a long time, if not for life. Simpson claims that the sports items were stolen from him and he was simply getting them back. His story appears to be a bit ‘sketchy’ as the guns used in the alleged robbery were said to have been recovered, and his accomplices are said to belong to the “Los Vegas Community” (the mob) with whom Simpson is rumored to have “connections”.

When interviewed Sunday by CNN talk show host Larry King, Kim Goldberg, Ron Goldberg’s brother, said that this indictment “at least partially vindicates my bother’s death by this person”.

Speculation as to why Simpson was with a group of four armed men is making the case against him even more complicated. The “sports memorabilia”, connected with O.J.’s own college and professional sports career, including a purple jersey from Southern Cal University, his alma mater, tightens an already taught legal ‘noose’ about his neck. Ron Goldman’s family have requested custody of these items as their sale would be partial compensation for the amount that Simpson still owes them. Due to his declaring bankruptcy, almost all of the settlement award money is still unpaid. Simpson’s new legal predicament will give talk show hosts like Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, and David letterman fresh new “material” to use in their nightly warm-up monologues. There is also speculation that Simpson may actually have been “set up” by persons acting on behalf of the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. Being framed, seemed to be one of the more logical possibilities, as a lot of people want to nail this guy.

According to U.S. jurisprudence, Simpson cannot be retried for the murders of his ex-wife and Goldman. If convicted of these new crimes, O.J. could face a prison term of ten years to life imprisonment. At least in this respect, the Brown and Goldman families may finally receive their ‘pound of flesh’.

Bitter Homecoming: The McCann Family Returns Home Without Madeleine

Without MadeleineSeptember 9, was a very sad day indeed when Dr. Gerry McCann and his wife Kate, arrived back in the U.K. without their four year old daughter Madeleine. Carrying their two year old twins, Sean and Amelia, Dr. McCann said that although they had choice other than to return to England he and his wife “will leave no stone unturned until their daughter is found”.

The case has been front page news ever since little Madeleine went missing on May 3 while the family was vacationing in the resort town of Praia da Luz Portugal. As the story goes, Madeleine’s parents left her and her younger brother and sister alone in there hotel room while they went to eat supper. Kate McCann claims to have come to the room about 10:00 p.m. to check up on the sleeping children, and founds Madeleine to be missing. Several suspects have been detained and questioned, including a British national who lived near the hotel where the McCann family were staying. All of them have long since been released and now the Portuguese police have turned their attention to the McCann’s themselves; even to the point where Kate McCann, also a physician, has become a prime suspect in Madeleine’s disappearance.

The case has become so sensationalized that the pictures of the pretty, blond haired girl have been displayed by news medias all over the world, including the tot’s distinguishing marks in case her kidnappers were trying to disguise her appearance. The most distinguishing mark is a minor irregularity in Madeline’s right cornea, which has been noted in information posted on her behalf, including on the Internet.

The McCann’s have gone everywhere to enlist assistance in finding their daughter, and even had an audience with Pope Benedict XVI. Several blog sites were posted in the Internet, including a special fund to assist the McCann’s with the expenses that they claim to have entailed during Madeleine’s 129 day disappearance. At last glance, the amount in this fund had reached the sum of 1,005,000 Pounds Sterling; now being earmarked to help pay legal expenses due to the parents being considered as suspects in their daughter’s disappearance.

One million Pounds? Just a minute! That’s more than $2 million U.S. Dollars at current exchange rates. Is there any co-incidental connection with this money and the suspicions of the Portuguese police authorities? Why would the police put the finger on these people unless they had some strong evidence. Almost sounds like something the police in another country (I think you know which country I’m referring to) might do.

Other theories as to what actually happened to Madeleine range from kidnapping and selling her on the international black adoption market, or even some kind of ritual killing – if it can be proven the little girl is actually dead.

Whatever are the true circumstances, the entire affair, and the mystique surrounding it is getting more bizarre by the minute. One internet site has even gone so far to speculate that Madeleine’s disappearance is similar to the well publicized incident in Denver Colorado when a little five year old girl named Jonbenet Ramsey was found dead in her home and a number of people, including a transsexual name John Mark Karr were accused of the crime. In the end, the case is still unsolved, although some same that her parents may have been involved.

Stranger things happen in this world, and the truth concerning Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, and fate, are still being speculated. This leaves many wondering what actually did happen last May 3 in that hotel room in Praia da Luz Portugal.

Mentos Intern: Interactively Abuse Trevor

Mentos InternHas anyone seen this guy Trevor? A great viral marketing campaign by Mentos has this guy taking orders from the public in real time. Watch this guy do back flips, play charade and interact with the people on the site. A great idea…
Interesting how many people just use the chat interface to “shout out” abuse. Ever wonder why with all the technology we have available these days, the first instinct for some people is still saying some really stupid things the first chance they get…
The campaign is great though and a really nice way of getting online interaction.

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