Nice Guy after All? “Hello, it’s me, my name is Pinky Lee”
Courtesy: Bolder Colorado Police Dept, and Larry King

Nice Guy after All?

Stunning findings that accused child murderer and rapist John Mark Karr is apparently not the killer of six year old JonBenet Ramsey, is creating shock waves around the world (even here in Israel) . The revelation that Karr, age 41 and a former Colorado teacher, has a different DNA reading than that found at the crime scene, has all but thrown the case against him “out of court”.

Accused of molesting and killing the girl in 1998, the DNA testing results has all but returned Colorado law enforcement officials back to ‘square one’ in their ongoing investigation. Karr’s suspected role in the little girl’s death goes back several months, when a Colorado Journalism professor began corresponding with Karr via the internet. The professor disclosed that Karr had divulged some very interesting information concerning events on the day of Ms. Ramsey’s murder, including Karr’s statement that he hadn’t meant to kill JonBenet, but that her death was an accident. Karr, who had been dismissed from his teaching job due to being ‘too intimate’ with his students, has a record of suspected child abuse and connections with child pornography as well. When arrested in Thailand, Karr had stated to Thai authorities that he had gone to Thailand to undergo a sex change operation; already indicating that something isn’t right with Mr. Karr’s own sexual orientation.

The entire media coverage of this sordid affair, including splashing the girl’s Barbie-like appearance all over world media showings, and daily talk-show appearances with TV personalities like CNN’s Larry King Live, have been enough to disgust even the most callous of individuals. The manner in which the little girl’s doll-like beauty was displayed (and exploited) by her own parents has been sickening in it’s own right was well. As for Karr, his desire to bring international media attention to himself include the very clothes he wore when returned to the USA; pink silk shirt and all.

Little JonBenet, whose parents entered her in child beauty and modeling pageants, appeared to have done a bit of ‘child exploitation’ themselves; perhaps to the point where the child was actually making a bit of money from her appearances. This may have even reached a stage as to have caused a lot of friction between the girl and her parents. JonBenet’s mother, who died a few years ago from ovarian cancer, is not in a position to shed any light on the subject. And her father, on advice from his legal counsel, has not made any statements whatsoever – even before Karr’s connection was put into doubt.

With the circumstances revolving around JonBenet’s murder now made even more murkier; it might not be a bad idea for the investigators in this case to consider their clue searching “closer to home”.

(Photograph courtesy of Wikipedia)