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Yalla Boy by Michael Greilsammer

Michael Greilsammer’s second popular song – the first was Insomenia btw…It’s called Yalla Boy – Come on (to a woman) and once again I have a feeling it has something to with the wife 🙂

Insomnia by Michael Greilsammer

This is a song that is getting very popular and the key line in it is: Oh My Dear Wife.. Michael Greilsammer is the singer and the song is called “Lo Nirdam” (Insomnia). He is actually a Reggae violinist with a strong pull towards Irish music, he is also apparently the first of his kind in the world 🙂 So not your typical Israeli music, but then again, what is typical these days?

It’s a really great song. I read in one of the forums that based on the song he must only be married for 6 months.
Skeptics, Skeptics everywhere…This is him and his wife, Shimrit Dror, in the video.

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