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Sharon Going Home

Now 82-years-old, Ariel Sharon has been lying unconscious since January 2006, originally at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem and then in the Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.

Ariel SharonAt about the five-year point since former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon became comatose, he will be moving back soon to slumber at his Sycamore Ranch in the Negev – accompanied by loved ones and medical machines.

The house has been readied to receive him. Life support equipment and even an elevator to take him from the ground floor to his second floor bedroom.

The move will happen at first for only a few days as a trial, and after which he will be taken back to the hospital.

“If it becomes clear that the necessary medical care is available at the ranch, he will be taken back to the ranch permanently.”

It was once stated that the Chaim Sheba Medical Center had asked the family to take Sharon home, accompanied by a nurse, because:

“there is no place to provide him with special medical services at the hospital.”

But it was really his sons Gilad and Omri who requested the move.

In February 2009 the Chaim Sheba Medical Center said:

“A dialogue with the family and medical staff is being held continuously to see whether it is possible to continue treatment of Mr. Sharon in an environment which is not a hospital.”

Coming to Israel? Want to experience the land? Excavate!

There are many exciting Archeological excavations across Israel that are scheduled for 2009.

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs is inviting volunteers from around the world to join these exciting expeditions.

The work is physical, and it is done mostly outdoors in locations in the desert or near the sea. The nearest excavation is set to begin next week in Ein Gedi, and all other planned excavations will take place in the Spring and Summer of 2009.

For more information, visit this website.
Notice the page says the following: Some expeditions offer credit courses from sponsoring institutions.

Ein Gedi

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