I was watching a popular talk show last night and it was interesting to see the wide spectrum we have in the Knesset today. On the Yair Lapid Show, a talk show on Israel’s Arutz 2, there were two members of Knesset getting interviewed.

Shimon Peres on Yair Lapid

The first was Shimon Peres (82). Shimon Peres is a veteran in the political scene, an ex Prime Minster, one of the early founders of the Labour party and recently joined Kadima, Ariel Sharon’s party. He was the last one to speak to Sharon before his stroke this week and when asked whether he considered him a friend he answered that he did. Despite their rivalry over the years there is a mutual respect there.

Peres is currently writing his 14th book, is a world renowned politician and has been in the political arena for close to 60 years. He may be somewhat removed from the man on the street but no doubt is a very intelligent and a scholar. He had a good sense of humor in the show and when Yair implied that he and Benjamin Netanyahu were the most ridiculed of all MK’s, he insisted the title was rightfully his. Although mud slinging is a national sport for politicians in Israel, Peres has always tried to keep his hands clean and not respond to the many assaults he received over the years.

The interviewer asked a final question: “What would you like written on your tombstone?” Peres responded: “Passed away before his time”.

Pnina Rosenblum on Yair Lapid

The next Knesset member to be interviewed on the show was the newly appointed Likud member, Pnina Rosenblum (50). Running 39th in the Likud Primaries she got bumped into the seat when MK Tzachi Hanegbi left to join Kadima. She was sworn in 2 weeks ago and is now the latest edition to the Knesset.

Pnina was a model in the early 70’s and was known as a provocative sexy bombshell. There were affairs, rumors and scandals associated with her early years. She later started a singing career and continued on to launch a successful cosmetics company that today employs 150 people.

She was a little defensive in the interview and some of the answers to her questions were a little corky. She sees herself as a fighter for women’s rights and against discrimination (a sore subject and one that can use the attention). Her political career maybe very short as the number for the Likud party now seem to be in the low teens, implying that only 11-13 MK’s will represent the Likud after March. Until then however, Pnina is determined to do as much as she can with the time she has.

When asked what she would like to have written on her tombstone she answered: ”Here lies Pnina Rosenblum – Israel’s Prime Minister 2010-2016.”

Hey you never know …