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Sleeping To The Sound of Cellcom

In the background of this cute Pug sleeping with open eyes you can hear the current commercial for Cellcom.

Maybe that’s why her eyes are a little “freaky”…

Kabbalah Dog

Kimba the pug is dressing up as Kabbalah Dog this Purim:

Kabbalah Dog

Duck George, Duck!


When I saw this I was actually surprised by the responsiveness of the American president. Not bad at all. I think that most world leaders, especially some of the guys we have here would definitely have gotten whacked by one of those shoes.

I was also surprised by the ease with which one could approach the US President and the really slow reaction of the Secret Service. They were really in slow mode. I guess all the good guys are watching the new guy 🙂

In any case about the shoes themselves: In Iraqi culture, throwing shoes at someone is a sign of contempt (Al Jazeera) in case you had any doubt.. So of course is calling someone a dog.

And on the topics of dogs… This is a new YouTube hit:


Kimba the Pug

You asked for her, you got her. Kimba is the latest edition to the family. She is 31/2 months old and takes advantage of that fact daily.

Kimba the Pug
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