Sean Penn can enjoy an entirely new set of fans, one which has never seen the left-wing American actor’s films. Muslim terrorists and extremists are raising a loud applause and calls of “bravo” for Penn, who has traveled to Iran, Iraq and made frequent condemnations of the war on terror.

Some terror leaders adore Penn so much that they are asking him to be their official spokesman:

“I tell Penn that we don’t have the money that the Zionists have, therefore we don’t own and we don’t have access to your media, and we hope you would…represent our pain and our cause,” state Abu Hamed, northern Gaza Strip commander of the Al Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades Palestinian terror group.

Other terror leaders interviewed for the new book, “Schmoozing With Terrorists,” echo this praise of Penn regarding the actor’s stance on Iran, the war in Iraq and the global war on terror, stating they have “deep respect” for Penn and urging Americans to immediately listen to the outspoken Hollywood activist.