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Most Sexist Commercial Awards: “Take Your Picture Wearing Nothing But a Bra”

To commemorate the International Woman’s DayWIZO Israel will release the list of the most sexist commercials for 2012. This year the FIX brand has received the dishonor.

A highly professional committee, including media, academy and women organizations representatives, was assembled in order to rate the commercials. The results were revealed on March 6th during a special convention, under the chairmanship of Knesset member Tzipi Hotovely. The event took place in the Knesset in cooperation with the Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women.

The convention included a number of speakers, including representatives from WIZO Israel which declared: “selling a bra shouldn’t include undressing young girls”. Hotovely stated: “the degradation of women should be heavily fined”. As discussed in the convention; inviting teenage girls to pose wearing bras to promote your product is sexism.

The campaign which granted FIX with the scarlet letter invited teenage girls to pose wearing bras by the brand and publish the photos in the company’s Facebook page to win prizes. Also in the dishonorable list of most sexist are: Goldstar beer, Proportion – medical center, Do-It kitchens, and AXE Body Spray.

According to the committee: “this advertising crosses a red line as it encourage under aged teenage girls to actively take part in the degrading marketing of a product in a way that objectifies and sexualize women. We fear the pressure to pose in a seductive manner will be misinterpreted by teenagers and will reinforce the notion that the exploitation of the woman body is legitimate”.

This is the fourth year the scarlet letter is published by the VIZO organization. Last year’s “winners” were the Arena Mall and in previous years the honor was bestowed upon “Mey Eden” and the “Fairy” brand.

According to Gila Oshrat, Chairperson of VIZO Israel, The phenomena of depicturing the woman body as a soulless object is too common in the prime time. An advertising agency is indeed not the Ministry of Education but it could show some responsibility none the less and take on creating a balance between freedom of speech and a respectful, appropriate depicturing of the woman body.

Sexist Politics

Ehud Barak is playing hard to get with Tzipi Livni, being the last politician to avoid her so far. But we’ve seen how hard to get he had been with Olmert, despite all his promises to resign the government. (hard as a *****)

Barak at the Pentagon in 1999
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What has suddenly changed? Tzipi will proceed exactly where Olmert left off, and that’s exactly what Barak himself demanded a few months back.

Obviously this is a tactic move, part of the negotiation process — but would we see him similarly avoiding Shaul Mofaz, had the former Chief of Staff were elected Kadima chairman? Probably not. I believe Barak is only doing this because Livni’s a woman, and he thinks it’d be easy to throw her off balance.

Yes, he fits the sexist type.

BTW (Off topic),
Don’t have a ticket to go see Paul McCartney at the park on Thursday? No worries! Channel 10 will broadcast the whole event live!

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