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Mahmoud Darwish dies at 67

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Mahmoud Darwish, regarded as the Palestinian national poet, died yesterday at a Texas hospital after heart surgery. He is one of the main authors of the Palestinian narrative, and the one who crafted the Palestinian declaration of independence in 1988.

Whatever your political opinion is, it is a big loss for the world of poetry. From the Jewish side of the spectrum, Israel suffered a great loss not too long ago when Dahlia Ravikovitch died in August of 2005. In fact, Mr. Darwish and Mrs. Ravikovitch met more than once and highly regarded each other’s works.

Mahmoud Darwish in Tel Aviv

I hope one day Palestinian children will learn of Dhalia’s poems in school while Israeli children will learn of Mahmoud’s works. In fact, Tel Aviv has already honored both poets by including them in the “Shira Hal Ha’derech” project (translated as “Poetry to Go”), which features short poems on posters all across town.

“Microwave Baby” Father Faces Life

Microwave Baby Father on TrialStrange and often gruesome things happen in this world, but one of the strangest occurred in May, 2007, in the city of Galveston Texas. It appears that a young man named Joshua Mauldin put his own baby daughter into a microwave oven, and turned in own full blast for about 20 seconds. The child lived, but suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns over her body and has to have several skin graphs performed as well as losing part of her left ear.

Mauldin, who claims he is insane (obviously) is now on trial for the grisly act, and his daughter, known only as “Baby Ana” is in a foster home. The mother of the child is now in seclusion in another state. So far, the jury which is hearing Mauldin’s case has not been able to reach a verdict which could result in imprisonment for Mauldin for anywhere from 5 to 99 years. A court appointed psychologist, Dr. Harry Faust, met with Mauldin several times following the incident and said that the young man is “a bit strange, but not actually insane”. Mauldin reported bit himself on the wrist and hands several times during these sessions with Dr. Faust, which resulted in the opinion that Mauldin has impulsive and destructive tendencies.

When asked by police why he did such a thing to his own child, Mauldin’s reply was that “she wouldn’t stop crying – so I shut her up!” And indeed he did. Mauldin’s Mother, Joanie, testified that in her opinion, her son does have severe psychological problems and should be considered to be criminally insane. “I would do anything to turn the clock back and keep this horrible thing from happening”, Mauldin’s mom testified in court. The baby’s foster mother, Heather Croxton, testified that she would like very much to adopt the baby and give her the love and support needed to cope with her injuries. They baby will no doubt have emotional trauma to deal with in later life, even if she fully recovers from her physical injuries.

This kind of incident is just another example of scores of abuse incidents that happen to children by parents who really shouldn’t be taking care of children. Even here in Israel, numerous child abuse cases reach the media, including a recent one involving an ultra orthodox couple who are being investigated over allegations of severe child abuse over the years to their 12 children which included whippings, electric shocks, and even incest. Babies and young children have also been literally thrown out windows and from balconies of apartment buildings by their parents, often resulting in the children’s death. Although nothing as bizarre as the “micro-waved baby incident” has happened here yet, other tragic events, too numerous to mention, have resulted in the conclusion that countries like Israel are definitely not immune to cases of child abuse. It’s a sad reality, but all so true.

Gotcha! Hillary Hits Back

Hillary Rodham Clinton can definitely be called “the comeback kid” following Tuesday’s American primary contests in four states. Winning handsomely in both Ohio and Rhode Island, and squeaking by in Texas by a 3% margin. Clinton now has considerable breathing space in which to prepare for the next and perhaps most decisive contest, the Pennsylvania primary in late April.

Hillary BackAlthough her opponent, Barack Obama only won in the Vermont primary and is just slightly ahead in the Texas caucuses he still leads the overall delegate count by at least 100; and is now having to re-plan his overall strategy if he expects to win the Democratic Party nomination in July. When interviewed Wednesday morning in Austin, Hillary Clinton seemed to have regained her confidence and said that what made the difference is her overall experience as compared to Obama’s. When interviewers from CNN asked whether the recent commercial about which candidate would be able to make the right decision after receiving a 3 a.m. phone about a national security emergency, she reiterated about her past experience in such matters, including her being sent to such places as Bosnia (during their civil war) to mediate a peace agreement. She compared herself to Obama who she said “only continues to talk about a speech he made back in 2004 concerning America’s involvement in Iraq”.

I suppose that Hillary can say that she has a bit of experience, as the “red phone” did ring a few times at 3 a.m. when she was in bed with her husband Bill. She also could include her “experience” in dealing with that very uncomfortable period from November 1998 until July, 2000, when she had to deal with another kind of crises that was “a bit too close to home”.

Disregarding those unpleasant episodes, Hillary does probably have a bit more of a track record than Obama has; and whether or not this will help her to wind up making a “V” sign at the speakers podium of the convention will be determined in the coming weeks ahead.

People all over the world have been following the U.S. Presidential campaign; and these primary races have for sure been followed by those living in the Middle East and elsewhere in Islamic World. Barack Hussein Obama is no doubt the favorite of many who make up what is known as Dir Al Islam – the World Community of Islam, and these include many of America’s present enemies, such as Hamas, the Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and most certainly The Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in a recent short visit to Iraq, said during a speech there that nearly everyone hates Americans. Well, he does anyway.

Jews around the world, especially in Israel, have from the start been a bit apprehensive about the possibility of Obama winning the Presidency; and what could afterwards be in store concerning America’s future relations with the Jewish State. There is really no way of knowing how Obama will deal with the Israel-Palestinian issue until he is actually sitting in the Oval Office. But in the weeks and months ahead, this matter will most certainly crop up; and it will most likely be used against Obama by both Clinton and John McCain, the Republican nominee.

This year’s contest has so far been anything but boring; and with the U.S. heading towards what may be a moderate to severe recession, the U.S. economy will be a top issue in the months ahead as well. If Hillary does manage to win over the remaining primary contests and become her party’s candidate, she’ll still need all the help she can get to beat McCain in November. And to do this, she’ll have to get real friendly again with a guy named William Jefferson Clinton, who has a bit of “experience” himself.

Just to be fair to Obama

Okay, so just to be fair this is Obama‘s speech in Texas after winning the Wisconsin Primary… Looks like he’s the man to beat and that won’t be easy. A friend asked me what I know about him and honestly not that much. I guess its time for a more in depth piece …. Stay tuned.

Super Tuesday for Israel

Super Tuesday 08
The mega American primary elections known as Super Tuesday are now over in America, and its implication is still to be seen in a Presidential race that is far from over. Many Americans living here in Israel had the chance to vote by absentee ballot. Those who didn’t should find out what needs to be done in order to vote in the main elections in November. Republican Party candidate John McCain appears to be the front runner and likely party candidate when the GOP convention convenes in August. He racked up the largest number of delegates over his rivals Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee. Huckabee, who fared better than many thought he would, wound up winning a number of Southern States, as well some others that might make him a “king maker” at the convention and even force McCain to give him a top cabinet post of even offer the Vice Presidency spot. That will of course depend on how Romney fares in the upcoming primaries as he has many more delegates than “Huck”.

The Democratic side is much more confusing, however, even though Hillary Clinton appears to have won more delegates, due to her winning big states like New York and California. Obama won more states in total and may fare better in upcoming primaries in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas, not to mention the District of Columbia which has a large Afro-American population. This race is likely to end up on the floor of the Democratic Party Convention this coming July, and be a real free-for-all.

What this election is gearing up to mean for Israel is how the new Presidential administration will deal with the Jewish State and with its Palestinian and other Arab neighbors. If Hillary Clinton should win the Presidency, she will probably use tactics similar to those her husband Bill used when he tried to put pressure on both Israel and the Palestinians to reach a peace agreement that failed miserably at the Camp David summit in July, 2000. If Barack Obama wins the Presidency, it’s anybody’s guess what will happen, especially in light of Obama’s Muslim influenced childhood; an issue that is still not definitely settled in the eyes of many Americans and Israelis.

As for Republican candidate McCain, his politics seem to fluctuate for ultra conservative to moderate. He has definite ideas concerning America’s Iraq involvement, and has even said that he would keep American troops in Iraq “for a hundred years if necessary”. That’s a bit different than either Hillary or Obama, both of whom favor eventual troop withdrawals. McCain might be a safer bet concerning America’s stand against Iran, though, as his military background makes him understand this kind of a problem more than his Democratic (and Republican) rivals.

Both political parties and their candidates need to understand a few basic points though. The situation in Iraq will not go away on its own, and Al Qaeda and its top leaders are still active and ready to have a go at America again. Iran and its proxies like Hezbollah and Hamas are also ready and waiting for the right opportunities, as we here in Israel are acutely aware of. And a worsening of the American economy will be bad for everyone, especially here in Israel.

So as the race heats up in the U.S. elections, all we in Israel can do is hope that the “flack” from it won’t come down too hard on our heads – literally!

Bush’s Visit and Presidential Primaries

Victories in the New Hampshire presidential primary by Republican Senator John McCain, and Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton appear the have little correlation with President George Bush‘s visit to Israel today and several other Middle Eastern countries. McCain, who is usually depicted as a bit of a hawk, won comfortably over his closest rival, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney; while Clinton, barely got by her closest rival, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. While it’s still too early to tell who will wind up as their party’s official nominee, the next few weeks will definitely tell which way the political winds are blowing for hopefuls in both major political parties.

As for Bush, in what will most likely be his last major visit to the this part of the world, he really doesn’t have to worry what happens to anyone representing his political party, the Republicans, as most of the people running are not depending on his support anyway. That means that Mr. Bush can concentrate of trying to realize some of his plans concerning implementing a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as making sure that oil rich countries like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia remain under America’s sphere of influence in order to keep that increasingly expensive commodity, oil, flowing into American refineries, and hence into American SUV’s.

Iran, especially after their aborted attempt to create an international incident with American naval vessels in the Straits of Hormuz, is another factor that Bush will have to deal with until he leaves office on January 20, 2009. Concerning who will be replacing him, all the outgoing president can do is to wish his successor will, whoever that person may be.

Perhaps that’s what is good about being an outgoing two term president. He is not really what is known as a “lame duck” as he is not under any serious political cloud such as an incumbent president is when losing a re-election bid. His vice president, Dick Cheney, is too old and too sick to run for the office, and Bush himself doesn’t appear, at this point in time anyway, to be personally indorsing any of his party’s candidates, including John McCain.

Bush’s main “cloud” if one wants to call it that is the matter of the U.S. led invasion of Iraq and its aftermath; which will be a main concern for his replacement, especially if he (or she) is a Democrat. Other issues, including the ongoing War on Terror and the current goings-on the Middle East (the focus of his current Middle East visit) will also carry over to his successor as no major breakthroughs will probably come to pass this year. And this is despite assurances by Israeli Prime Minister Olmert and P.A. Authority President Abbas that there might be some encouraging steps made towards a final peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

Other problems including global warming, a possible U.S. recession, Pakistan’s current sate of flux, and Al Qaeda leaders Osama bin Ladin and Ayman al Zawahiri still presumed to be alive and kicking will be left to whoever is sitting in the Oval Office next January 21.

As for Bush, it will be back to Texas barbeques and Lone Star Beer, or whatever tickles his fancy.

Drinking The Air We Breathe

Drinking The Air We BreatheHave you ever been outdoors on a humid day and thought that the humidity was so thick you could almost drink it? Well, a Houston Texas based company decided to put this thought into action by designing and manufacturing a device that literally converts the very air we breathe into safe, clean drinking water. Called the Aquamaker, the device which looks a lot like the water dispensers found in many offices and homes is able to convert water vapor in the atmosphere into water.

Though this really isn’t a new idea (air conditioning systems have actually been doing this for years) this is first time that a practical device has been manufactured that can create around 36 liters of clean water in only 48 hours. The Aquamaker was originated by the parent company in Houston, and can convert air into water in practically every country the world where there is sufficient humidity to do so. This idea has such far reaching potential, that an Israeli company, headed by Eita Markovits, is now marketing the device in Israel for customers ranging from private homes to the Israel Defense Ministry. The Defense Ministry has become so interested in it that a number of Aquamaker machines are now being used on a test bases in locations all over Israel, especially in the Tel Aviv area.

Markovits, who formerly was involved in marketing vitamin products under the Solgar name, is now devoting a great deal of his time and energy to promoting the device which costs around NS 5,000 to purchase, but can also be leased on a monthly bases. To make a sufficient quantity of potable drinking water, an air humidity level of at least 60% is preferred, although water can be produced in even dry desert air. To assure that no pollutants are created, the air is filtered during the conversion process, making the water even cleaner than most bottled mineral water with virtually no minerals. From a scientific perspective its pure H2O at it’s best.

The present models can be made larger to convert larger quantities of water, and have great potential for areas where there is a lack of clean drinking water. Combined with using solar panels to create electricity, the Aquamaker can be a truly environmental friendly device. On current models such as the AM10, it can make 36 liters of water on about 8 cents worth of electricity. That’s about 30 Agorot in Israeli currency.

Though the entire marketing and production of the Aquamaker is still in what entrepreneurs would call the “seed capital” stages, the long term outlook for this concept is excellent, and could very well be a solution to much of the world’s water problems. This is especially so for countries in tropical regions and for many others located near bodies of water like large lakes, rivers and oceans or seas. These areas usually have high humidity levels which can be converted into plenty of clean drinking water by these devices. The Aquamaker has passed standards tests in the USA, Europe, and Israel, and now being sold in a number of countries, including the U.S., Australia, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

With the earth being a water planet, and nearly 70% of its surface being water, there isn’t much of a problem finding sufficient humidity to convert into water. This means that the future is certainly bright for the Aquamaker.

Why did a normally docile ‘Asian Man’ decide to become a mass killer?

The final body count still isn’t in yet as the normally quiet Virginia Poly Technical University, and Americans at large are still reeling from Monday’s mass shootings which have left at least 32 people dead and another 29 injured – some critically.

Cho Seung Hai The carnage began at 7:15 am Monday, EDT, when a lone gunman shot and killed 2 students at a dormitory on one part of this Shenandoah Valley campus, located more than 200 miles from Washington D.C. Though belatedly told to keep inside and away from windows, many students did not heed these advisories, and just two hours later, the real blood bath began when the killer, 23 year old Cho Seung Hai, a South Korean national and Virginia Tech English Major, suddenly began to open fire on students at another part of this sprawling campus of more than 25,000, virtually lining up people and shooting them in cold blood.

The mayhem which resulted, and in which the killer himself also died, has left an entire nation stunned, and became breaking news all over the world. Witnesses said that the gunman was looking for a former girl friend, and seemed to know where to be – and when. The killings are said to be the worst school shooting incident ever in America and many are comparing it with the shootings at Columbine Colorado High School, nearly eight years ago, when more than 12 students and teachers were killed.

While Columbine may have been the most recent tragedy of its kind before the V. Tech massacre, it was still not as bad as one which occurred on August 1, 1966, when a young man named Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the University of Texas Clock Tower in the City of Austin, and there, armed with a high powered rifle, killed more than 15 students and teachers in a four hour shooting rampage. Whitman, who had earlier killed both his mother and grandmother, had been suffering from a brain tumor which pathologists believe caused him to commit mass murder. His killing spree finally came to an end when Texas law enforcement officers managed to reach the top of the tower and end Whitman’s rampage by shooting him to death. Whitman, a former Eagle Scout, never had the opportunity to explain why he did what he did; and all law enforcement officials could do was speculate what caused him to kill not only his immediate family but so many others as well.

With yet another horrible shooting incident transpiring, this time even more deadly, law enforcement authorities and educational administrators in the sleepy college town of Blacksburg Virginia, will be trying to determine how such an incident could have happened; and on a scale rivaling some of the worst recent Baghdad terror attacks.

Gun control advocates will definitely have good points to say in regards to easy availability of semi-automatic weapons and ammunition, which can be readily purchased at gun shops and sporting goods stores; often without the need for a police permit. That a long gunman could come onto to a school campus armed to the teeth with an “ungodly amount of ammunition”, as described by one witness, is frightening in it self. Issues such as the availability of firearms and lack of proper security at educational institutions are areas that should be addressed and dealt with as quickly as possible.

Whatever measures that might be taken, however, won’t bring back the scores of dead, many of them young undergraduate students, who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The trauma won’t go away so quickly either; and for many people, especially the parents of the dead students, their lives will be changed forever.

Americans now mourn the loss of so many innocent people, whose lives have been snuffed out by a killer who seemed to have no regard to human life. Are incidents such as this an omen for the future, as more and more violence takes place in American society? Can anything be done to stop these kinds of tragedies from occurring? Hopefully yes.

‘Black Gold’ Flows Again Near Dead Sea

Dead Sea Oil - Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors
Excitement has once again focused on Israeli oil exploration with the reported discovery of marketable quantities of crude oil on the shores of the Dead Sea. While not yet a ‘gusher’, the prospects at the Zuk Tamrur 3 drilling site, indicate a possible find that could eventually result in several million barrels of ‘Texas Tea’. The explorations are being carried out by a partnership between the American headquartered Ginko Oil and Gas Exploration Co., and the Lapidoth Israel Oil Prospectors, who have been exploring for oil in the Dead Sea area for more than thirty years. While Ginko-Lapidoth representatives note that this latest find “isn’t like Saudi Arabia” it could be substantial enough to at least rival the Heletz wells near Ashkelon, which have pumped more than six million barrels of crude.

To most of us, this may seem like a lot of oil; especially with prices for crude oil at nearly all time highs of nearly $60 per barrel. An earlier oil find at the original Zuk Tamrur 3 drilling site, brought in over 170,000 barrels before it was closed in the early 1990’s when crude oil prices dropped, making production costs unsuitable. With an daily oil consumption of around 220,000 barrels per day, however, even several million barrels is a mere “drop in the bucket” in regards to the country’s overall oil needs. The geological location of this new find, together with current oil prices, give signs for optimism; although the ideal situation would to be in a position to eventually become an oil exporting country, like Egypt.

The results of this find has encouraged, energy companies like Delek Oil Company, owned by billionaire Yitzhak Tshuvah, to become involved as well. Delek, though it’s subsidiaries, Delek Drilling Ltd and Avner Oil Exploration, have agreed to purchase a 50% interest in a new Zuk Tamrur 4 drilling venture, from which an estimated volume of up to 100 million barrels will eventually be pumped, at a rate of around 2,000 barrels per day. For those who aren’t aware of it, a barrel of crude oil contains 50 U.S. gallons or 190 liters. The Zuk Tamrur 4 site is about 2 km north of the re-opened Zuk Tamrur 3 site.

Dr. Doron Gal, an energy specialist at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia, noted that even with a larger oil find (such as from the Zuk Tamrur 4 site), it still will not change the balance of power in the region in regards to current Arab oil reserves. “What influences world oil needs are oil hungry countries like China, Europe, and the U.S.A.”, Gal commented recently.

In addition to oil, commercial quantities of natural gas have also been found near the Negev city of Arad, as well in the Eastern Mediterranean, off Gaza and Haifa.

Schulz on Hamas, flinching, Buchanan probation and the Marshall Plan

By Denis Schulz

“Everybody is saying exactly the same thing,” said U.S. Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, “There has got to be a peaceful road ahead. You cannot be on the one hand dedicated to peace and on the other dedicated to violence. Those two things are irreconcilable.” That makes sense. The U.S. will not send taxpayers’ money to Hamas.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said “continued cooperation (with the Palestinian Authority) will only be possible under three conditions: Hamas needs to recognize the existence of Israel; Hamas has to prove that the use of violence is out of the question, and Hamas needs to respect and accept steps in the peace process reached so far.” It’s the same thing here. Germany will not aid or abet Hamas.

French Foreign Minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy, said, “I say to Hamas: meet your responsibilities, choose dialogue and not violence. Hamas must recognize the Oslo accords.” That makes it a threesome. French francs will not be making their way to Hamas.

Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary-General, said, “If Hamas transforms itself from an armed movement into a political party respecting the rules of the game. I think the international community should be able to work with them.” Ah, yes, the ring is closing around Hamas. No aid in this direction either.

Javier Solana, foreign policy boss of the European Union, said, “All the ideas we have put on the table have been around for a long time, so I think it’s reasonable to put these ideas and sentiments from the international community publicly so (Hamas) understands very well the position we have.” Once again no aid for Hamas!

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What Holocaust ?

By Denis Schulz


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad You just got to love that precious little rat-bag. When Pat Robertson and Harry Bellefonte run out of stupid things to say and when Howard Dean and Dennis Kucinich lapse temporarily into brain-lock one can depend on Iran’s new president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to keep the insanity alive. If His Worthiness had been born Moe Howard his finger would have been attached permanently to Curley’s eye; if he had been born Archie Bunker the meathead would have shot him dead after the first episode; if he had been born Joseph Goebbels, Herr Hitler would have let him run the Third Reich and retired to Berchtesgaden with Eva Braun knowing that things were in competent hands. Ahmadinejad is beyond outrageous. He is where the Twilight Zone ends and Dante’s Inferno begins.

The precious little rat-bag delivered a speech recently to thousands of admiring true believers in the Iranian city of Zahedan and he couldn’t resist mentioning the Holocaust. It’s amazing how he keeps going on and on about something he thinks never happened. “They have invented a myth,” he said, “that Jews were massacred and place this (the massacre) above God, religions, and the prophets.”

A myth? Is he sure? How could that be possible? The Germans were very thorough in their search. Did the Jews hide behind non-Islamic trees that refused to betray them to the Nazis? Is that how they escaped being sent to Dachau or Treblinka? Is he as mad at the trees as he is at the Jews? Are these trees the famous Cedars of Lebanon? Does he want to cut them down? Is he in need of a refresher course at a Mad-Rats-Asses school? One takes one’s pick.

“The West has given more significance to the myth of the genocide of the Jews,” he said, and it “deals very severely with those who deny the myth but does not do anything to those who deny God, religion and the prophet.”

Deals very severely with whom? David Duke is still alive and so it David Irving and unless Mahmoud’s hair glows in the dark and he has a couple of spent nuclear fuel rods embedded in his butt, nobody has laid a hand on him either.

But our precious little rat-bag wasn’t finished. “If you have burned the Jews, why don’t you give a piece of Europe, the United States, Canada or Alaska to Israel,” he suggested. “If you have committed this huge crime why should the innocent nation of Palestine pay for this crime?”

The Twilight ZoneOkay, forget that Palestine is not innocent; forget that Palestine is not yet a nation; forget that the crimes committed by Palestine on a per capita basis are equal to those committed by Nazi Germany forget all that and one is living in Mahmoud’s world. If Rod Serling had listened to just one of Ahmedinejad’s speeches he would never have written another Twilight Zone episode. He would have gone to where the woodbine twineth and would never have been heard of again. One cannot top reality shows when combined with the theatre of the absurd.

Mahmoud is Hannibal Lector, Darth Vader, and Count Dracula all rolled into one. Okay, maybe Dracula doesn’t belong in that group. Compared to the little rat-bag, the Count is a sympathetic fellow who needs frequent blood transfusions. And who wouldn’t prefer Transylvania in the summertime to Iran at any time of they year? It’s the ambiance.

Someone must have whispered in Mahmoud’s ear that George W. Bush was a believer in the Holocaust. Well, that would never do! Of course, the Texas Gunslinger is a million light-years and a dozen hadiths below Mahmoud’s intellectual level and was liable to believe anything Condi Rice might tell him, but, nonetheless, Bush and the dhimmi world is in need of enlightenment.

So within a few days Iran will convene a Holocaust-denial conference. Among those expected to attend one might include: David Duke, David Irving, Noam Chomsky, Louis Farrakhan, James McDermott, Norman Finkelstein, Ward Churchill, and most of the professors of Middle East studies at Columbia, Berkeley, Chapel Hill, Cambridge and non-sectarian DePaul University.

FYI, and please, Ward Churchill, pay attention:

From The Trial of Adolf Eichmann: Judgement (part 50 of 70)
“156. This is the place to add a few words about the accused’s personal contact with the Mufti (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) Hajj Amin al-Husseini. It has been proved to us that the Mufti, too, aimed at the implementation of the Final Solution, viz., the extermination of European Jewry, and there is no doubt, had Hitler succeeded in conquering Palestine, the Jewish population of Palestine as well would have been subject to total extermination, with the support of the Mufti.”

Gosh! Do you think anybody will bring that up at the conference? It’s something Our Precious Little Rat-Bag needs to know!

Meanwhile, in Mecca tens of thousands of Muslims, urged on by Iran’s Mad Mullahs, are screaming, “Death to Israel! Death to Israel!” And, oh yeah, “Death to America!”

If Rod Serling had ever written anything like this he would have been locked up in a mental institution.

Yigal Ozeri

I want to show off some of Yigal Ozeri’s work, I came across it at the Alon Segev Gallery (thank you) where his works are available.
Read the bio below – impressive.

Yigal Ozeri

Yigal Ozeri

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