As a result of the attack on the UN school yesterday and the condition of the population in Gaza a decision was made to open a “Humanitarian Corridor”. Specific areas in Gaza are now free of attacks and are kept quiet for the population to get food, water and medical supplies.

The attack we mentioned yesterday turned out to be as bad as we thought it would be. Depending on who you ask there were 30 to 40 killed, mostly civilians.

The “Al Fahorah” school was a UN school and while it was closed it was housing refugees that were taking shelter there. The School, according to the army, was being used by Hamas commanders as a base and rocket units were firing from the school yard.

In any case there were a large number of civilians killed in this attack and the decision was made to offer a break for the population. The corridor is open right now and I guess its one sided because we are still getting rocket fire…

This is the video the army put out of the rockets being fired from the School – these were taken Dec. 31, 2007.