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UNESCO Shuns Iran with World Philosophy Day

Sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, World Philosophy Day has been held on every third November since 2002. The event is:

“An opportunity to make philosophical reflection accessible to all (professors and students, scholars and the general public, the young and the less young), thereby enlarging the opportunities and spaces for the stimulation of critical thinking and debate.”

According to

2010 World Philosophy Day TehranIn 2008, UNESCO accepted Iran’s bid to host this year’s World Philosophy Day; but a group of academics, the U.S. and the European Union, demanded a boycott due to Iran’s culture of hatred toward the ayatolla’s domestic opposition, the West and the Jewish State of Israel. The New York Times wrote that UNESCO, by holding the celebration in Tehran risked “turning its ‘school of freedom’ into a propaganda exercise for a brutal regime.”

On November 9th, UNESCOs Secretary General, Irina Bokova made the decision to not hold the proceedings in Tehran, final. She said:

“The conditions necessary to guarantee the effective organization of a UN international conference have not been met.”

Iran, who blames the Jews, refuses to comply with UNESCOs decision and may be holding a little philosophy celebration of their own:

“Despite all attempted sabotage by the Zionists, the World Philosophy Day will be held in a more impressive manner this year than in past years.”

Said Ambassador Mohammadreza Majidi to the Persian service, IRNA last Thursday.

UNESCOs decision is expressed in a letter available here.


According to recent reports, Iraq is moving to remove the Jewish elements from the tomb of the prophet Ezekiel, and turn it into a mosque. A MOSQUE?! Yeah, a mosque. You might say they are making a mosquery of a very holy site.
Ezekiel lived about 2,500 years ago and preached about the salvation of the Jewish People – you may recall his Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones.

Ezekiel lived in Babylon at the time of King Solomon’s temple. Legend holds that he is buried in the village of Al Kilf, to the south of Baghdad.
Professor Shmuel Morre, former head of the Arabic Language and Literature Department at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, had this to say:

“I received information from a senior Iraqi scholar pertaining to the local authorities’ intention of turning the tomb into a mosque under the guise of ‘preservation’ of the holy site…the man who provided me with the information stressed that the Iraqi antiquities department has been under heavy pressure to erase any proof of the Jews’ connection to Iraq.”

Iraq is also the home of the tombs of Ezra the Scribe, the Prophet Jonah and King Zedekiah.
Local authorities in Iraq have already begun to erase Hebrew inscriptions off Ezekiel’s tomb, in order to turn the site into a mosque.
For hundreds of years the tomb has been placed carefully in the hands of leaders of the Jewish community in Iraq.
Currently the country contains only eight Jews. Two short and too short of a minyan, sadly. The rest have become Muslim or are in hiding for fear of being murdered by terrorists…something which has been known to happen in Mess-O-Patamia.
Manager of the “Justice for Jews” organization, Shlomo Alfassa has approached US government authorities and has demanded to

“stop the Islamization of the Jewish prophet’s tomb.”

An appeal has also been made to the UNESCO headquarters, which is responsible for maintaining the religious character of holy sites.

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