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Blama De Jews

That is always good advice – BLAMA DE JEWS!

Shana Tova 2010

To all our OJ readers, friends, haters and other vegetables – Happy New Year!!!
May the coming year bring peace and quiet and may your camel spit nothing but dates!

Christian Choir Goes All Out for Israel

I really wonder what drives these people. Not complaining. It’s just oddly touching in a strange way.

Cornerstone Choir and Orchestra Sing the Mayim Medley of song with the Cornerstone CUFI singers

Madonna In Tel Aviv Video

In case you missed it (I have no idea how…) Madonna was here and left last night. She was at the city of Safed yesterday (the Kabbalah capital) and met with Benjamin Netanyahu and Tzipi Livni on seperate occasions. Her concerts were a great success and the second show with tickets available was immediately sold out after the first show.

Hene Ani Ba – Hadag Nahash

This is a new section called ….. you guessed it – Israeli Music 🙂
Once a week we will post a music video (no promises) – we’ll start with a favorite, Hadag Nahash

Sleeping To The Sound of Cellcom

In the background of this cute Pug sleeping with open eyes you can hear the current commercial for Cellcom.

Maybe that’s why her eyes are a little “freaky”…

Sderot “The Musical”

It’s amazing to think that while we here in the center of Israel are carrying on a normal life there are Israelis an hour away living in a constant state of fear and under the imminent threat of a “Red Alert”. This is in Hebrew but I think anyone can understand what it’s all about…


Duck George, Duck!


When I saw this I was actually surprised by the responsiveness of the American president. Not bad at all. I think that most world leaders, especially some of the guys we have here would definitely have gotten whacked by one of those shoes.

I was also surprised by the ease with which one could approach the US President and the really slow reaction of the Secret Service. They were really in slow mode. I guess all the good guys are watching the new guy 🙂

In any case about the shoes themselves: In Iraqi culture, throwing shoes at someone is a sign of contempt (Al Jazeera) in case you had any doubt.. So of course is calling someone a dog.

And on the topics of dogs… This is a new YouTube hit:


Sarah Palin Anti-Semitic?

Look at this video, especially the timeframe from 01:40 to 02:20. Apparently Obama isn’t the only one who has problems with his pastor.

Turning Demolition into Art

This morning the building standing in Moshe Hess street No. 8 is set to be demolished. It is an old apartment building in the center of Tel Aviv, and several of its residents have been living there for 20-30 years.

Yesterday, for one evening only, the residents along with a group of artists turned the soon-to-be-demolished building into a unique art exhibition. The empty apartments were filled with video-art displays, strange wall paintings and a roof party “to top it all” (so to speak).

Although exploring the building had proved to be great fun, the heat and humidity of Tel Aviv was simply unbearable, and the lack of air conditioning in most parts of this old building didn’t help.

I find this to be a wonderful gimmick. Having the exhibition present for only one evening, it drew a large number of visitors, who turned the small street into a lively city gathering.

Here are some photos from last night’s event,
courtesy of urban photographer Amital Ben-Zvi:

Shiri is back

Shiri Maimon, who represented Israeli in the 2005 Eurovision song contest, came to fame as the second runner-up in the first season of the Israeli version of ‘American Idol’. Now she’s back with a new video clip, and her usual brash attitude.

Beautiful Art

An Israeli student named Lior Rosenschpitz made this beautiful video clip:

IKEA from Lior Rosenschpitz on Vimeo.

Eat My Body & Drink My Blood


Don’t look far, stay close

Human Narration on

The title line above is a quote of Berry Sakharof from his famous song “Kakha Ze Le’ehov O’takh” (“This is what it’s like, loving you”). The song was written especially for the opening theme of the Israeli drama “Shabatot Ve’Hagim” (Holy days) that premiered on HOT’s Channel 3 in 1999.

The video clip that accompanied the song during the show’s opening theme was simply amazing. It showed the Tel Aviv skyline at night.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find this unique video clip, so I put up a beautifully done live performance of the song by Berry:

PhillyD.TV News About Cancer

Very fast talking but worth a listen. Cell phones, Cancer, Obama and other news.
Brought to you by PhillyD.TV


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