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Religious Tribute to George Carlin

George Carlin dies this week very unexpectedly. The man that had such great hits like seven words you can’t say on TV and countless comedy shows that personally were some of the best I have heard is gone.

A little religious tribute seems fitting considering the context of the clip and the fact that if he was wrong, he is going to have some explaining to do 🙂

Rest in Peace, you will be missed.

Israeli Comics

Human Narration on

A family visit to Berlin

Comic DrawingThe Third Ear (“Ha’Ozen Ha’Shlisheet”) is an icon of Israeli culture. For years, the record and video store offered Israelis what we needed most: rare vinyls, imported CDs, obscure films, the latest action flicks with Hebrew subtitles — In short, pure, wholesome, nourishing entertainment culture. The company has now taken another leap into the cultural foray by launching its own comic book and graphic novel imprint: Third Ear Comics.

The imprint’s first book represents a spellbinding introduction to Israeli pop art, inasmuch the author — Merav Salomon — heads the illustration department of Israel’s prestigious design and arts school, Bezalel. Salomon’s book, entitled “A Family Visit to Berlin,” documents and is in itself a journey to Berlin through the melancholy lanes of memory, anxiety and longing.

Third-Ear Comics has lined up a series of other high profile artists and young talent to provide an outlet for a group of artists who often fall between the cracks of the institutions of fine and commercial art. It’s an exciting breakthrough for Israeli culture since the company has decided to publish both local and international artists.
Talk to Third-Ear Comics to give your feedback or to suggest up-and-coming artists at

Happy Shavuot

In Israel we celebrate Shavuot today. It’s a holiday that marks the beginning of summer, as well as symbolizing the day when Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. Eating dairy products is traditional in Shavuot, as well as spraying each other with buckets of water.

I love Shavuot. It’s an optimistic holiday. So I’ll share with you today an optimistic video clip from the local indie music scene. Yonatan Rozen is the singer, and he’s mainly known in Israel as an actor. The song is titled “Automobile”. Happy Holiday!

20 Things To Do With Matzah – The Video

Passover is over. Matzah left over can be an issue you need to deal with. The Jewish Robot marketing team is thinking of a few ideas for you 🙂

Thank you Rashi!

New HooQs out on Alpha – Online VJ’s Needed!

The new version of Hooqs is out and let me tell you its fantastic. The new system still in Alpha allows users to create content channels viewable online and on mobile. Read the brief that appeared on their blog:

HooQs is a user centric service where users create and share media channels for mobile devices. Channels are created and edited online using the HooQs Studio. Video clips and audio tracks can be fetched from the open internet and uploaded from personal computers. Each channel is accessible on the web as well as on every internet connected, media enabled mobile phone. Forwarding to mobile phones worldwide is easily done for free from HooQs. Registered users get access to Clips4U – a personalized video feed based – and can easily build their own personal mobile portal. Everything is free, no installation required anywhere.

Anyway, if you are a video content fanatic and would want to start your own channel, publish and monetize your own content then this is the place. Take a look at the new Studio and the great features that you have available. This content will of course also be viewable on all mobile platforms…
Continue reading

Kahled Mashal offers “new deal” to Israel

Exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashal is trying to instigate a “new peace deal” with Israel. Speaking from his headquarters in Damascus, and coming on the heels of the recent Arab summit held in the Syrian capital, Mashal said that his new proposal is designed to “spare civilian lives on both sides by only targeting military objectives”.
Mashal went on to say that his offer is really almost the same one made nearly ten years ago, but not agreed upon by Israel.

By referring to “military targets” the Hamas leader said that his organization will agree to only target IDF military personnel and installations instead of wholesale terror and rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. He said that he is renewing this offer with the hope of reducing civilian casualties, including Palestinian ones resulting form Israeli reprisal attacks.

Mashaal went on to say that his organization “are taking good care of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Schalit, although Israel does not take good care of Hamas and other Palestinian prisoners. This statement in itself seems a bit absurd as most, not all Palestinian prisoners are allowed to receive items form relatives and also communicate to them. This in itself is a far cry from the two brief letter said to have been written by of whom no photographs or video have been shown as proof of his being alive and of his physical condition.

The Hamas leader accused both Israel and the U.S.A. of planning to start a regional war, and even had the gall to complain that Hamas fighters have only primitive weapons against Israeli ones, and is requesting better weapons “in order to be able to shoot straighter”. Mashal said that suicidal terror attacks really began in earnest after the slaying of 29 Palestinian worshipers at a mosque in Hebron by Dr. Baruch Goldstein.

Mashal blamed the inability of Arab nations to defeat the Israel’ occupation as a result of overall weakness on the part of many Arab countries, and not as a result to giving in to Israeli demands.

On other topics, Mashal said that although his organization does not deny the occurrence of the Holocaust, the reality of this historical event has been expanded “out of proportion” by Jewish and Israeli historians in an effort to gain more international sympathy. Obviously, Mr. Mashal has not visited such Holocaust sites as Auschwitz-Birkenau, and seems to disregard the fact that more than 200,000 Holocaust survivors, living testimonials to this tragic event, live in Israel alone.

That his man is still alive and so much involved in Hamas’ activities must be a real frustration to organizations such as the Mossad, who botched a chance to be rid of Mashal several years ago when they tried to poison him in Amman Jordan.

Save Savta Video

This is a campaign to keep in touch with the Savta AKA. Bubi – Give her a call, she is alone.
Before its too LATE !!!

Barack’s Israeli Experience

Many following Barack Obama‘s campaign to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination may still be wondering if the junior senator from Illinois knows much about Israel and the overall problems facing the Jewish State in the Middle East. It now turns out that Obama visited Israel not long after beginning his Senatorial term in 2006. And from what was said afterwards, he not only was very impressed by what he saw here, but he himself left a very good impression on everyone he met during his five day stay.

Obama came here with a delegation from the Chicago Jewish Federation, which included Michael C. Kotzin, Executive Vice President of the federation. In order to give the senator an understanding of the situation on Israel’s northern border with Lebanon, he and his delegation were taken to a small Christian Arab village named Fassouta, which is located less than a kilometer from the actual border fence. The village was selected for this visit due to the Chicago Federation’s sponsoring of a project together with the Catholic community of Chicago to equip the schools of this village with computers and other electronic equipment. Obama was introduced to the town’s mayor, Dr. George Ayoub, who had no idea at that time that Obama would one day be running for President. Ayoub said later that he was very impressed by the U.S. Senator, who asked a lot of questions concerning the situation of Ayoub’s village in respect to being a minority Christian Arab village sandwiched between majority Jewish Israeli population and a majority Muslim Lebanese population.

Ayoub’, together with most of the town’s 3,000 population are Roman Catholic, and this seemed to be of great interest to Obama who is Protestant and attended a Catholic school for a time when young. Ayoub also said that Senator Obama said that he is interested a establishing a dialog between peoples of different religions in order help bring about peace. Obama told Ayoub that “in order to remove our problems, we have to sit at the table and talk about peace.” Obama addressed a town meeting in which he talked about “peace with security” for all the peoples of the region.

Obama was also impressed concerning how the villagers of Fassouta got along with a Jewish village named Ma’aleh Yosef, which is located nearby. In fact a number of girls from both villages participated jointly in a dance program put on in Obama’s honor.

Obama also visited several other place in Israel including a school that had a large number of Ethiopian Jewish students attending, and this impressed him very much. Seeing the results of the 2006 war in Lebanon seemed to have an impact on Obama, as he was able to see the situation while the “wounds” were still fresh.

All in all, the general impression was that Barack Obama came away very impressed with Israel and its people, and this resulted in his saying that Israel is very important to America and therefore is deserving of American support. Should he be elected President, his trip here will most likely influence his foreign policy guidelines, which he is still in the process of formatting. Although Barack Obama still has a lot to learn in the realm of foreign affairs, he seems more than willing to learn and appears to be a very good listener.

Amy Takes Five

Amy Takes FivePossibly no singer has ever won as many Grammy awards ever as British pop star Amy Winehouse did Sunday night at the annual 2008 Grammy music awards show in San Francisco, California. Amy, who happens to be Jewish, won the top awards for a female singer and song writer in a number of categories, including: jazz, rock, soul, and rap. Her Grammies includes Best New Artist, Best Record of the Year, and Best Song of the Year. She personally performed two of her top hits, including the one called Rehab, which is tied to her problems with both alcohol and narcotics and resulting (short) stays in rehab facilities.

Winehouse, whose physical characteristics include massive “beehive” hairdos” and a number of outrageous tattoos on various parts of her body, has possibly won more music awards than any other known singer. Other awards racked up to her credit include MTV’s top music award and Britain’s BRIT music award for Best British Female Artist. Amy writes many of her own songs, a feat not heard of since American singer and song writer Carole King during the 1960’s and ’70’s.

Her personal life has been nothing short of boring, and this has been known more recently due to both her and her husband Blake Fielder’s problems with drugs and booze. Although she has performed in many American cities, she was denied an entry visa on several occasions due to her problems with substance abuse.

Taking these “minor” issues into consideration, Ms. Winehouse has still managed to have a music career that has been the envy of many top singers, including Diana Ross and Janis Joplin, who although were popular in their time, never won Grammies personally.

Amy’s top selling album Back to Black has won gold and platinum music awards in several countries. She has appeared in video and DVD music clips numerous times on MTV and other music television programs, and is one of UK and European papa rachis favorite subjects for entertainer photo images.

Providing her head and her body hold out, the singer plans to release some new albums including one that has both Christmas and Hanukkah songs on the same CD and has plans to do some reggae music gigs and recordings in Jamaica with Bob Marley’s son, Damian. For all of our sakes, let’s hope she keeps belting out her music for years to come.

Good Solution For Terrorists

Dimona Suicide AttackSunday’s mid-morning terror attack in the southern city of Dimona came as a surprise for some, and not so much by others. After a lull in the number of (successful) suicide bomber attacks all over Israel, the one in Dimona in which a 74 year old woman was killed and at least 9 others injured, the incident serves as a “wake up call” for Israelis, especially in the aftermath of the “opening” of Gaza’s Rafah border with Egypt, resulting in more than half a million Gaza residents going shopping in the Land of the Pharaohs for all kinds of consumer goods, including some that may be used against Israel, such as longer range surface to surface rockets and an assortment of anti-air and anti-tank missiles.

Though the Egyptian government claims that they are trying to re-seal the border, Hamas leaders are demanding control over their side of the fence, meaning that due to friendly compliance by fellow Muslim Egyptian guards, the border will remain easily accessible by Gaza residents. In other words, the situation will resemble what is now the norm in Europe where most border checkpoints in E.U. countries (including Eastern Europe) have been eliminated.

That there are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of Gaza militants and terrorists presently in the Sinai, it means that some of them, such as the two who went to Dinoma, will try to “visit” other Israeli locations as well. Regarding the Dimona attack, in which one terrorist succeeded in blowing himself up and causing the mentioned death and injuries, the other one was killed before he could push the button to ignite the explosive harness still strapped to his body. The graphic news clips of the wounded terrorist laying on the ground and being “peppered” by police bullets was graphic enough to indicate that instead of trying to capture these people, it might be much better to simply “pepper” them as was so realistically shown.

There are presently a number of would-be suicide bombers sitting in Israeli prisons, including several women. While police and military authorities try to capture them to obtain information, such as who sent them, and why, it makes better sense to just take them out right there on the spot. It also might be a good idea to show more of these “peppering” video clips to let would-be suicide attackers know what is in store for them should they fail to push the button and blow themselves to paradise. Trying to use these people as bargaining chips, in order to get Israeli captives back doesn’t seem to work anyway, as these “holy martyrs” are probably written off already by their handlers.

Other terrorists who have been seriously wounded in terror attacks or their own bombs, yet somehow survived, are also in custody, some of whom after receiving thousands of Shekels worth of medical treatment.

Maybe now, authorities will decide to take care of the matter right there on the spot as they did Sunday morning in Dimona. Better to “pepper” then pamper.

Tom Cruise Jewish Scientology Video

🙂 Great Parody – Thanks Allison….

World War II Jewish Service Memorial Video

Worth watching and thank you for sending it in DZ..

Will Bush’s Visit Save Olmert Politically?

Bush In IsraelU.S. President George Bush’s first official visit to Israel is only days away, but many political analysts are already speculating on whether the President’s two day visit will result an any improvements in the current state of relations between Israel and the Palestinians. Coming virtually at the same time as the outcome of the New Hampshire presidential primary, Bush’s visit will probably not have an influence on the political chances of any of the Republican candidates, including present front runner Mike Huckabee, who won the Iowa Caucuses over other hopefuls Mitt Romney, John McCain, and Rudolf Giuliani.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is also hopeful that the President’s visit will result in some kind of break-though in the current situation which not only has resulted in Palestinian fired rockets reaching the city of Ashkelon, but new acts of terror by members of the Palestinian Fatah organization that Olmert is trying to win over in an alliance against the Hamas controlled Gaza strip.

Bush, shown with both Olmert and Abbas at the recent Annapolis Summit is himself more or less in a “lame duck” political situation in which members of his own political party are trying to distance themselves from his foreign and domestic policies, including those running for public office. In addition to meeting with Israeli government personalities, Bush will also meet with P.A. President Mahmud Abbas and members of his government in a specially arranged meeting in Jericho. Hamas leader and “former” P.A. Prime Minister Ismail Haneyah will not be on the President’s agenda, for obvious reasons.

One thing for sure, however, is that the Bush visit will send a strong message to Iran concerning the President’s feelings about that country’s nuclear program, despite the recent NIE report that the Islamic Republic abandoned it’s nuclear weapons development program in 2003. The President’s visit will help reassure both the IDF and the Israeli government that President Bush still believes that Iran continues to pursue its goal to become a nuclear power.

The big question concerning this topic will be what will happen when Bush leaves office in January, 2009.

Bush will probably try to persuade Olmert to make some kind of concessions with Abbas, including the dismantling of some outpost and “fringe” settlements as a prelude to more serious disengagements that are being planned in the coming months as part of the agreements between Olmert and Abbas at the Middle East Summit in Annapolis Maryland. The only problem from that conference was that most, if not all, of the agreements appeared to have come only from Mr. Olmert and not from Mr. Abbas.

Outside of causing a nerve wracking traffic tie up in much of central Jerusalem during the President’s visit, the prospects of any real breakthroughs being made is a bit doubtful and all that will probably transpire will be a lot of media publicized hand shaking and dinner speeches. Bush will at least see for himself what he has only seen previously in video clips such as parts of the “security wall” in Jerusalem as well as the usual diplomatic sites such as the Yad Vashem Holocaust exhibit and museum and the Kotel or Western Wall in the Old City. Aside from a short visit to Jericho, the remainder of Bush’s visit will be either within the King David Hotel or at the Knesset, where the President is most likely scheduled to address members of Israel’s parliament.

Olmert, who recently has expressed his wishes that former and now comatose P.M. Ariel Sharon was able to assist in solving the country’s political and security problems, will not gain much from Bush’s visit, especially with the chances of a U.S. Democratic Party Presidential administration more possible than ever. What many people in Israel are currently wishing is that a new Israeli government administration will soon be elected to replace the one so ineptly administered by Mr. Olmert and his Kadima Party cronies. That hope is at least as strong as many Americans have regarding replacing the current Republican Party led one in Washington, led by the guy who will disembarking from Air Force One at Ben Gurion Airport this coming Wednesday.

Cool Facts About Israel (Video)

In the midst of political shame, teacher strikes, unnecessary car accidents, etc.. there is nothing like a good old fashioned pat on the back to get our egos back on track.

And Baruch Hashem, tfu tfu tfu, hamsa hamsa hamsa, we still have a lot to be proud of.

As one YouTube user puts it:

As a small country with limited natural resources, Israel depends on its most important natural resource — its people.

Israel’s achievements are uniquely its own, a mixture of high idealism, ingenuity and self-reliance.

In almost 60 short years, Israel has accomplished what many nations haven’t been able to do in centuries.

Israel’s one natural resource is its brainpower, with a driving demand for survival and success against all odds, Israel developed an energetic and ambitious society.

On the occasion of the soon 60th Day of Independence, I take the opportunity of listing together some of the outstanding facts and achievements of our beloved Israel.

Is your ego thirsty for more? How typically Israeli… Well, have no fear, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Just don’t let it go to your head! 😉

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