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One Good Avocado

The sales of Israeli avocadoes have reached one-third of all fruit sold in Europe. The Israeli company Agrexco was defined by the Wall Street Journal as the biggest Israeli exporter of fresh agricultural produce of high quality.
2009 saw a 12% rise in Agrexco’s sales turnover and the company leads Israel’s agricultural exports this year. Last year, the company exported agricultural produce under the Carmel brand for about € 492 million (about $663 million).

Agrexco CEO Shlomo Tirosh told the paper that Israel markets 390,000 tons of fresh agricultural produce to countries all around the globe, with avocado taking the first place. This season, the fruit’s exports are expected to reach 36,000 tons compared to 22,000 last year – an increase of more than 50%.

Pepper came in second with about 36,000 tons, in spite of the difficult winter in the Arava region. It was followed by organic and conventional tomatoes, mainly cherry tomatoes.

Green herbs have also had a strong international export presence – particularly basil, chives and mint. Despite the competition from Egypt, Morocco and Spain, the Israeli herbs’ popularity is quite stable due to their high quality. In addition, the sales of Israel’s melons have risen by 50% after several years of decline.

Wake up, Obama, and Smell the Uranium-Enriched Coffee in Iran!

So reports the Wall Street Journal that Obama will either have to seriously crack down on Iran, or witness an Israeli bombardment of the Islamic dictatorship with all its consequences.

Wall Street JournalThe Journal, touted as the most important conservative newspaper in America, also said that a military conflict with Iran will be inevitable if the West doesn’t act quickly to neutralize Iran’s nuclear threat. The paper accuses the Obama Administration of investing more energy in trying to warn Israel against attacking than warning Iran to stop what it’s doing immediately.

“They can also see that the West lacks the will to do anything, as the Obama Administration continues to plead for Tehran to negotiate even as Iran holds show trials of opposition leaders and journalists for saying the recent reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was fraudulent. The irony is that the weaker the West and UN appear, the more probable an Israeli attack becomes,” said the editorial.

It looks like someone’s waking up. Hopefully it won’t be too late. As much as I want Iran’s nuclear program wiped out, I’d much prefer it be done by massive, organized, and absolutely crippling sanctions rather than Israeli planes. Though the world’s stomach and seeming unwillingness to stand up for the lives of Jews (and, in effect, their own) leads me to believe we’re on our own. The Wall Street Journal smells it, too, which is why they’ve warned Obama that the implications of such an Israeli attack wouldn’t be too great for American interests, especially in the decline the country is currently in.

The editorial understands one very simple thing that Obama might not yet comprehend. It is this: “The reality that Western leaders don’t want to admit is that preventing Iran from getting the bomb is an Israeli national imperative, not a mere policy choice. That’s a view shared across Israel’s political spectrum.”

Let’s hope they get it before we’ve got to take matters into our own hands.

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