Elkin ZeevKnesset is reportedly trying to pass a law, sponsored by Ze’ev Elkin, formerly of Kadima, which in effect would ban Israelis from calling for consumer, academic or cultural boycotts of Israel.

Despite an effort to filibuster Monday night’s debate, the bill is expected to win the majority. Under its terms, any individual or organization sponsoring a boycott could be sued for compensation by any individual or institution claiming that it could be damaged by such a call. Proof of actual damage would not be required.

The bill will protect individuals and institutions in Israel – Judea and Samaria – from consumer boycotts of domestically produced goods or boycotts of academic institutions in settlements. It will also preclude the government from doing business with companies which comply with boycotts.

Israeli author Amos Oz described the proposed law as the “worst of the anti-democratic bills in the Knesset. The bill will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.”

Ze’ev Elkin, of Likud, told Arutz Sheva:

“If the state of Israel does not protect itself, we will have no moral right to ask our allies for protection from such boycotts…I hope the [legislators] will understand that this is a battle between Zionism and the new left.”