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Abergil Crime Family “Relocated” to America

AbergilEven big time Israeli crime family members are going on relocation these days. Both Itzik and Meir Abergil, top members of the Abergil crime family are being “relocated” to the USA to explain their connection with a number of illegal activities there that they may been involved in. Some of these include murder, drug trafficking, money laundering, and extortion to name a few. Both Itzik and Meir claim they “have never been to America” and don’t know why they are being suspected in involvement in such activities over there (they certainly are involved in them here).

Besides being suspected being involved in the murder of an LA drug dealer, Sammy Atias, Itzik and his brother Meir are said to be involved in some money laundering activities connected with the Mercantile Bank, as well as importing large quantities of drugs into the USA, especially MDMA, otherwise known as Ecstasy, which is often used by young people at parties, along with alcohol. The Abergils now have the “distinction” of being considered among the 40 top drug and narcotics importers into the USA, alongside such as Russian Mafia folk and Colombian and Mexican drug cartel people.

The Abargils are said to have sent the hit men who were responsible for the killing of Bat Yam woman Margarita Lautin, who happened to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time when she got in the way of some 9MM slugs intended for a rival crime figure who was having coffee on the Bat Yam Promenade.

Finding a way to deal with Israeli crime figures has always been a problem however, as even when they are in jail here in Israel, they still manage to run their operations “from behind the walls”. By sending them overseas, especially to a country like the USA, at least gets them out of their realm for a while – like what occurred with crime boss Zeev Rosenstein; who spent nearly 3 years behind bars in a Miami Florida Federal prison, before an agreement was made to allow him to serve the rest of his sentence back in Israel. He was very glad to come back, saying he “didn’t like American prisons” Who does?

The big question now is whether Meir and Yitzik will get to be cellmates over there or will they be given the chance to make new acquaintances. We’re sure the FBI and American prison authorities will find a good place for them – and not together, of course. They just better watch out when they bend down to pick up the soap in the showers.

Underworld Crime Boss Gets 13 Years

Netanya crime boss Asi Abutbul appears to be finally going “up the river” following his being sentenced to 13 years in prison for his role as one of Israel’s top criminal gang leaders. The former resident of Netanya’s Ramat Poleg neighborhood, and nephew of slain underworld figure Felix Abutbul (who was gunned down outside his casino in Prag, Czech Republic), may have run out of luck in regards to his being able to “beat the rap” on a number of criminal charges that had been brought up against him, including extortion, money laundering, and other crimes that are now listed under the framework of a new criminal justice law, designed to catch such high profile criminals.

Besides 13 years in the slammer, he was also sentenced to another two year suspended sentence, as fined NIS 500,000 ($125,000).

Asi AbutbulAbutbul has been in trouble with the law for a number of years, especially in the areas of extortion, where he and his fellow “associates’ have use all kinds of violent tactics to get “protection money” from business people, including wealthy immigrants from France.

Assi has also escaped a number of attempts on his life, including an attempt to hit his car in Ramat Poleg with an anti-tank missile. Besides the death of his uncle Felix, another uncle, Charley Abutbul, was seriously wounded when he was shot down in his Netanya restaurant by rival gang members a couple of years ago.

The State Attorney’s Office was trying to put Assi away for a lot longer, and had originally asked for a much longer sentence (25 years), which Assi’s lawyers managed to get whittled down by half. Still, 13 years is a long time for a guy who used to bee seen eating in local restaurants, surrounded by bodyguards. State Attorney spokespersons noted that Abutbul’s name was often used as a way of threatening local people to either pay large sums of “protection money” to Abutbul or “face the consequences”. He has a “long list of violations” according to Israeli criminal law, many of which have added to his notoriety over the years. His top legal “mouthpiece”, Yoram Chacham, was “permanently removed” (killed) a year ago.

Other Israeli crime bosses, including Ricco Shirazi, and Yitzhak Abergil, are also frequently mentioned in the news; as well as Zeev Rosenstein, who was recently returned from being a “guest” of the U.S. Federal Penitentiary in Miami Florida, for his role in a large international drug deal. Rosenstein is now a “guest” of Israeli prison authorities.

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