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World without Zionism - Iran's VisionLast Wednesday the 4,000 students in Teheran got a guest speaker, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. This was part of their course titled “A World Without Zionism“. His presence was part of celebrations for the final Friday of the Ramadan fast. The main message of this lecture was the need for the destruction of Israel and the immediate removal of this “stain” on the face of Islam. The crowed cheered with acceptance at these words.

Iran, an oil rich country with 70 Million people and is clearly voicing its opinion and plan yet is still claiming that the plans for it’s nuclear program are strictly peaceful. Now look at the banner behind the speaker and ask yourself, how peaceful are these plans?
The free world is strictly driven by financial and economical motives. These are helping shield this Iranian President and allow him to comfortably make this statements without any fear or consequence. Israel needs to make sure these statements are taken seriously by the world community. These words and the backing provided by Iran keep terror organizations active and provide the fuel for hatered in the middle east.

Wipe Israel off the Map - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowing to destroy IsraelTo think that in today’s world, in 2005, a leader of a country can still call for the complete annihilation of any country is beyond comprehension.
The idea that there can be universities that offer a program called “A world without Zionism” is to say the least demented.
Can you imagine the course materials ? What does the curriculum include? What are the job prospects for an honours graduate of the program ?

This can not be over emphasized. This needs to be opposed and addressed by the world before bad things start happening. The world has had a little reminder with 9/11, London Bombings and other terrorist attacks in recent history. Let’s learn from these lessons and take care of this malignant growth on the human kind.


  1. At the risk of lowering ourselves to their level, what could be safer for the world, and Israel in particular, than to remove Iran from the world community and leave one more space into which the waters can flow and expand that which covers most of our planet? There is no other cheek to turn, there is only greater fire with which to fight fire. This is where the mental incompetent in the White House is desirous of establishing peace – this Middle East? Men like this make the Inquisition and Crusades seem like Sunday tea parties…not to mention the Holocaust. They, the Iranians, like those in Iraq, are relatively uneducated, destitute, impoverished and hateful with little else to do but blame others that have succeeded mightily for their own failures. They were born in a desert hut, have lived with archaic mentalities that have persevered for centuries without a scintilla of progress and still occupy those huts while teaching hatred instead of respect. Nothing would be more suitable than to send them to their “paradise” as soon as possible…perhaps all at once. Cruel and inhuman? Spare me. Lowering ourselves to their world? Sureyl you jest. They are the rotweillers of humanity. You tell me.

  2. zionism is a dangerous ideology of international jewish supremacy. zionism is the worst thing that could happen to jewish people. a world without zionism is not a bad thing. world without zionism does not mean a world without jews or judaism. zionism is not judaism and most jews are not zionists.

  3. Mickey Charles seems to believe that he is above the abhorrent behavior that the iranians have displayed recently. But I say that his short letter is indicative of how he is on the exact same playing field. Calling them dogs. Suggesting that are all uneducated. His entire letter is riddled with hate and fear. Truly it is the likes of him that the world should be worried about and yet I won’t suggest that he be removed from OUR map!

  4. Hello My friend; I am an Iranian…listen to what I am saying: this man, Ahmadinejad, IS NOT our real representative…I, as an Iranian, tell you that we are very peaceful and friendly people…we, Iranians and Israeli people were friend since more than two thousands years ago, when our great king, “Cyrus the Great” saved Jewish nation from destroying….read your holy book about him…
    if you see our present government talking like this, you should know that any nation has good and bad days…we are in one of our darkest period of our entire history…please convey our apologises to your nation and friends for what our un-selected president has said…we are sorry…pray for us to get rid of them. They are the real evil. Believe me…

  5. Dear civilised friend!!!,
    You’d better go and see British Museum’ Persian Empire Exhibition to know better Iranians. It may remind you of who gave Jewish people back their freedom and rights about 2500 years ago.
    Please try to improve your basic historical and cultural information before sending people to paradise…

  6. The tragedy that has afflicted Iran (Persia) is the subducation and forcible conversion of the country to that inhumane, barbarous doctrine of hate called Islam.
    Like Egyptians, the Persians have lost their proud historical heritage and identity when their countries were levelled by Islam……
    Unfortunately however, they, Persians and Egyptians (and Syrians-Assyrians) cannot rid themselves of their islamic shackles and therefore will forever be in a state of mental and even physical slavery to those who control their lives…..
    Persia, would be (also Egypt) a great and proud nation today were they to once again embrace their true history and abandon Islam-the tyrany of humanity!

  7. why don’t we eliminate “Zionist Regime” (not necessarily Jewish People) first as the starter of the “Hatred Cycle” in mideast, Starting from “Dayr Yassin”, continuing with Sabara & Shatila, Lebanon, Qana, Jenin… & still running? a regime who elects war criminals like Sharon as the president? Surely Ahmadinejad doesn’t have a complete bloody resume (and is not able to collect such) like sharon.

  8. I’m with you Hadi.
    This just shows that the conflict in the region is not really between Arabs & Israelies or Muslim & Jews – but between Extremists and Moderates. We the moderates who are tired of pointing to the past and to who-did-what and want to move forward towards peace, must not be discouraged by the extremists continuing to push their agenda of destruction and death.

  9. to hell with the americans indeed us should be wiped off . long live iran ,lonlive africa,

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