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Guide to Pixel Advertising

I had a post here about the first pixel site MillionDollarHomepage. It seems like Alex Tew, the 21 year old brit that came up with the concept really created more then just a way to make a quick buck for himself. He struck a cord and maybe even fulfilled a desperate need. A quick review of the Internet today reveals hundreds of sites that have mostly duplicated his site with some variations. Some of the sites use custom built scripts that allow the users to select the pixel on an interactive grid, some are allowing animated gifs and others are just clones.
The question on many people’s mind is why ? Why the buzz ? What’s it all about ? The following is a review of the trends and a quick Guide to Pixel Advertising !

I tried explaining this to a friend that runs a large retail site and he had a problem understanding the point. As a result of the explanation I think I understood some of the circumstances that allowed this craze to catch on.

First, its a low cost way of advertising for some sites. Let’s face it, Search Engine Advertising is becoming more expensive and media is getting very expensive. Sites have gotten a whiff of the “revival” and they want to make money. Advertising for small/medium businesses and online hobbyists is not always easy.

Second, in terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there is some value to a link from the home page although that can also be debated. There is a good chance that unless the Pixel Ad is relevant somehow Google will find a way to reduce its value. The other problem is that these links are many times given through some sort of redirect and will then have a reduced value.

Third, is the evolution of the interactive web. I think that people wish to take an active part of what the Internet is. As the barriers to publishing content and launching online projects is reduced (Blogs, Podcasts) we will see more initiatives where the audiance will provide the content and “online buzz”. Viral marketing is after all the best form of marketing and the Internet is built on the viral concept.

So, if you still want to “be a part of Internet history”, this is a quick Guide to Pixel Advertising:

1. No Redirects. Make sure the link from the grid is a direct link. Look at the bottom Right corner
of your brwser as you mouseover the pixels and then click one. If the URL is a clean site URL and takes you directly to the advertiser you’re good.

2. Page Rank is an issue. If the site has a page rank its a good start and if its 4 or above even better.

3. Pixel board theme. Is the pixel board themed, geo targeting is good (Australian, UK and others), can be useful for targeting your traffic and reaching a particular market. These type of sites make news and may be featured in an article and that can be good.

4. Look and feel. As always we look for nice packaging and although these are simple sites they should have a clean professional look.

5. Stats are nice. Some of these pixel sites might actually have site stats on the home page which can include their Alexa rankand Google rank or even some form of site traffic information.

6. This is a gamble. In terms of advertising this is a small gamble. Take into account that nothing may come of it and have a good time with it. Set a budget and spend wisely.

I prepared this Pixel Advertising Resources List


Pixel Sites(a small selection)
Feb. 2006
This is a new one

Good luck 🙂


  1. Thanks for all the info.

  2. Hey, you left out 🙂

    We actually have something that attracts visitors to return to the site to keep looking at more and more advertisements… An attractive woman’s behind!

    One of the first and most popular copycat sites out there. Check it out.

  3. Also you forgot the first one to let advertiser upload their ad immediately after payment, nor do you need to figure out the coordinates.

    A copy cat yes, but New and Improved freshly developed and conveniently designed to aid the advertising process.

  4. This has a new million dollar website MillionPixelPage.Net

  5. Another recent site that does not copy exactly Alex’s site. It is a start of a directory that will feature some content and directory resources. http;// The development is still in progress, but it’s only been online over a week.

  6. On October 25, 2005, I sees an article coming from “Branchez-vous” speaking about the rise of the Milliondollarshomepage site whose owner is Alex Tew. It is indeed, a revolution tool for advertising on the Internet. The principle is to propose a grid of pixels, which makes it possible to put a commercial logo with a link to the site of the company, which made the request. It is really a brilliant idea that allowing businesses to be known in the whole world. The principle is very simple; you buy your pixels by providing your logo (logo and link to the commercial web site) and you obtain the desired advertising space to display your company. We will refuse all obscenities.

  7. Buy Pixels at Million Pixel Page for your Internet Advertisement. Purchase pixels from the Million Pixel page and advertise your website on a prime piece of Internet property for a full five years! Purchase 10000 Pixels only $50, get free gift!
    Visit the at:

  8. My hat goes off to Alex Tew, he certainly found a unique idea to sell ad space. I actually took his idea one step further… selling ad space by the BYTE! There are so many “pixel pushers” out there now that I needed to put a spin on the pixel advertising concept. Check out

  9. The thousands of copy-cats that appeared after milliondollarhomepage
    made it big won’t get too far since the idea of selling pixels is no
    longer novel! But now this site has popped up:

    Claiming to “change the way advertising works”, is
    selling only one ad. That’s right, there is only space for ONE ad
    on the page. The first ad costs $1. To replace the ad, the next
    advertiser must pay $2. After that, it costs $4, and so on. Each
    new ad costs twice the amount of the previous ad. That means the
    21st ad costs over one million dollars. The creator seems convinced
    he can reach his goal, which actually seems possible if he can
    generate enough buzz. He’s keeping a detailed blog, and so far only
    the 1st ad has sold for $1! How is this going to turn out?

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