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Ministry of Miscommunication

This is a beauty. The ministry of communications announced in recent days a fight against this pesky VoIP (Voice over IP) trend. In a directive to all 56 ISPs in Israel, the ministry asked that no Internet calls be allowed to take place over their infrastructure. The general manager of the ministry claims that 10-15% of the international calling market is being lost to Internet calling services.

When you walk around the neighborhood in my area, you can actually hear the sounds of messenger alerts and computers ringing with incoming calls. Israel was a leader in the field and VoIP has a significant part in its technological identity. Apparently for the Ministry of Communuications this has little significance.

I read this on The Jeff Pulver Blog:

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Israel spearhead much of the VoIP industry in the early days? Didn’t I just go to Israel six months ago to pay homage to the pioneers of the VoIP Industry? Didn’t I also meet with several Israeli Cabinet Ministers about ensuring Israel’s ongoing role in advanced Internet-based communications? Aren’t I planning to host VON Israel specifically because of the innovative, entrepreneurial, enterprising and forward-looking approach to communications and the Internet emanating from Israel?

So for the record – don’t take it to heart. It means absolutely nothing. This is a political move and a way to pass the buck to the ISPs for something the ministry of communications has no chance in hell of ever achieving !

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  1. Just another idiotic bit of meddling on the part of an Israeli government ministry with the workings of the modern world.

    And I suspect this will be yet another directive from the government that will be duly ignored by everyone.

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