It’s Christmas Day and the weather here is as close as it gets to snow. Raining, gray and cold. I miss the holidays a little. I leave CNN on the whole day so I can hear Christmas Day news that always seem to have a slightly more positive note then the usual noise. Tonight is also the night we light the first candle of Hanukkah. It’s a time to visit family and eat some Sufganiot (donuts). Cholesterol bombs. Yum..Does anyone remember the Chrismukah memo?

The apartments in Israel are made of stone and not really built for winter. In our place we use spiral electric heaters to keep the place warm and the orange glow makes it feel really cozy. You can almost pretend you have a fire place. You need to watch the dogs though, they seem to really get close to the heaters and the term hotdog takes on a whole new meaning.

There is a whole community of bloggers out there, each with their own opinions and style of writing. I recently witnessed (as many others) an angry exchange of comments on a site I enjoy reading. The instigators of the attack managed to get the worst out of people and to a certain degree I think that’s why we write. Frankly, better verbal violence then physical…Keep writing L.

So for all you out there – this is what a white Christmas would look like in Tel Aviv. Happy Holidays 🙂

Tel Aviv Snow - Gilad Benari

This and some more amazing photos by Gilad Benari.

Photographs by Gilad Benari

Age: 34
Cameras: Olympus C-40z, Nikon N60, Nikon D70, Nikon 8800
I love to vary my experience in photography. People and Concept, but most of all Abstract is my sense of inspiration. I can use my imagination to create magic out of everyday things. Sometimes the real joy in photography is in the trivial, small things.
I think as my self as a copywriter with a camera.

Holy Spirit over David Tower - Gilad Benari

Homeless - Gilad Benari

OMG - Gilad Benari


Scales Haaretz - Gilad Benari