Well we took a break from the elections but there’s no avoiding it any longer. They are coming. So what has happened in the last couple of weeks in politics you ask? All images are from Arutz 2’s “Eretz Nehedert”.

Bibi on Eretz NehedertWell Bibi (Benjamin Neyanyahu) is leading the Likud. “Killed” Silvan Shalom real quick. I believe the term Silvan used when he heard the score was equivalent to “we’re screwed”. And they were. He did offer Silvan the number 2 spot though to keep the peace. Silvan took the job. What else.

Bibi was real happy and came into Likud HQ all Gung Ho.. First item of business was an attempt at getting rid of Moshe Feiglin, head of the Jewish Leadership faction in the Likud and what is considered the “radical” element in the party. Bibi also wants to clean house so he is suggesting that the Likud charter be changed to ban all members who spent more then 3 months in prison. This would again prevent Feiglin from running on the Likud ticket, he was convicted in 97 for incitement. He is expected to withdraw from running for Knesset and is expected to make the announcement Sunday. In recent polls the Likud is gaining and is now expected to get 14 seats, 21 for Labour and 39 for Kadima.

Labour is sliding a little. Shelly Yachimovich is out in the field. In an interview this weekend she voiced her support of the economic and social agenda and her severe, really severe dislike for Eretz Nehederet, the show that has included her in the usual cast of characters. In a TV interview she had with Yaron London she was grilled and then lashed back at the interviewer. Sour grapes from the media world on her departure according to her. An intelligent and articulate woman she is an intensive advocate of women’s rights, raising the minimum wage and better conditions for the working class. Maybe wound a little too tight though.

A little hostility there between her and Alon Pinchas, ex consol in New York and Labour contender. The latter claiming that Labour needs to have a national and political agenda that goes beyond becoming the “welfare party”. If Peretz is to make any headway he needs to concentrate more on the security, national and political agenda and gain the votes that are concerned with those issues. Seems like there is something there, polls also show this week that there is some concern about the capabilities of Amir Peretz as Prime Minister (40% in one survey) and his lack of experience in matters of security.

In Kadima things are holding. Lots of rumors and speculation about the health of Ariel Sharon. His weight in the papers (and we mean physical) was fluctuating anywhere from 110 Kg to 130 Kg (242 – 286 Lbs) amid ongoing speculation as to the state he was in on the night of the mini stroke. We now know he has 195 Cholesterol and 120 over 80 in blood pressure, what we don’t know is what exactly happened that night and how healthy he really is. We have a better chance of finding out who killed Kennedy though so no point thinking about it!

Sharon on Eretz NehedertIn a potential “Hot Potato”, Sharon ordered his campaign managers to halt all “paid bonus” schemes to member of his campaign staff for recruiting voters. Apparently the bonus plan was thought up by Avigdor Yitzchaki, campaign manager for Kadima, and was quickly stomped by Sharon when he heard about it in the news. Avigdor is an accountant. Phew…

A new addition to Kadima is Avi Dichter, ex Head of the General Security Services. He has done the research, weighed the evidence and decided to join Kadima. He first considered joining the party when he became head of the GSS. When working with government and political heads he realized the rate at which ministers where changing and noticing the lack of stability in the halls of power and the detrimental effect on work in the field he began looking into a political career. He is a patient man and should be an interesting addition to Kadima.

Stay Tuned!