Ariel Sharon January 2006 In a press conference just given at Hadassa Ain Kerem the news was announced that Ariel Sharon was rushed to hospital when he was reportedly feeling unwell. He has been hospitalized tonight at 11PM. He suffered a “Significant Stroke” and will have to under go surgery. A short time ago the legal team has transferred authority of government to Ehud Olmeret as Sharon will be placed under full unaesthetic. Sharon was due to go through a procedure to repair a heart defect tomorrow.

11:50 PM

In a second announcement a few minutes ago, Ariel Sharon has gone into surgery.

11:57 PM

After an MRI exam the prognosis of hospital staff was that Atiel Sharon suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. He will undergo surgery immediately.
The feeling is that this is a high risk surgery and there exists a significant risk to his life.

I wish him well and hope the surgery is a success.

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In a phone interview on Channel 10 TV News a hospital source claimed “stroke was massive”. The commentary speaks of the severity of the stroke and the low chance of recovery. It seems that the damage done will prevent him from returning to office in the short term.
Sharon May Not Recover reports Sky News, this was mentioned now in local broadcasts.Article Here!
“Majority of sufferes of these magnitude stroke will need at the least 6-8 months in recovery. Severe effects are likely in these cases.

A CNN Report here.

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Channel 2 News Reporting

Channel 2 News Sharon in Hospital

Hadasa Ein Kerem - Tonight

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Ariel Sharon is still undergoing surgery. He has been in the operating room for over an hour. Hospital officials report that the best available medical team Israel has to offer is attending to him.

Hadasa Ein Kerem Hospital Manager Channel 1 TV

Hadasa Ein Kerem hospital manager

1:19 AM

Additional announcements are made asking for patient and restraint. The media seems to be responsible, and for the most part they have been reporting responsibly. The White House is in contact with the hospital and is watching closely the events. They have made wishes for a quick recovery. CNN, Sky News and Fox are all reporting, local Channel 10 TV showed various clips from International broadcasts.

CNN reporting

Sky reporting

Fox reporting

2:10 AM
Ariel Sharon is still in surgery and it’s late. I remembered a story I read recently about Ariel Sharon.
In a recent staff meeting Ariel Sharon received a favorite dish from an employee’s mother. He enjoyed it so much that he called and thanked her in person. It has nothing to do with all this. I was never a big supporter, actually opponent would probably be right. But I got used to him. Too many balls in the air for him to just take time out like this.

Ehud Olmert is now the official Prime Minister. The security service in charge of VIP security has set up outside Ehud’s home in Jerusalem. He is now the most protected political figure in Israel….Today was the day “Kadima” received its official paper work, finally giving it a legal identity. An identity that tonight is in hospital under going extreme surgery.
Good Night Ariel – Feel Better.