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Yuval Yairi

Introducing Yuval Yairi, a very talented visual artist. Now showing at the Alon Segev Gallery in Tel Aviv.
Biography is attached below..

Yuval Yairi - Basement with typewriter and bottles

Yuval Yairi - East Bridge

Yuval Yairi

Yuval Yairi

Born in Israel 1961

Graduated 4 years of Visual Arts studies at Wizo-Hadassa, Haifa (1984-1988)
Art Director and Graphic Designer, Arad-Yairi Studio, Jerusalem (1989-1999)
Documentary and corporate film production (1999-2004)

Photography Projects

2005 “Forevermore”, solo exhibition, Andrea Meislin Gallery, New York
2005 “Forevermore”, Solo exhibition, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2004 “Ghost Light”, images inside 3 boxes, A joint-project with Box artist Marc Cohen (New York) “Outside In” exhibition, Sotheby’s, London
2004 “New Exposures” Recent acquisitions in Photography, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2003 Jerusalem’s German Colony “The Valley Train” exhibition, Gafen, Jerusalem
2003 Mr. Yossef Maiman’s Headquarters, Herzeliya
2002-3 Jerusalem’s Old Train Station documentation project
2002 Group exhibition, Popolus Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2002 Video installation as part of Yuval Danieli’s exhibition “Shever”, New Gallery, Jerusalem

Israel Museum
Doron Sebag
Marianne and Doron Livnat


  1. Beautiful works! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful works! Are they paintings or photos? Where does Yuval Yairi work?

  3. Great artist, amazing photographic technique and subject,
    -bravo yuval yairi – we want more!

  4. Yuval Yairi is a very talented artist,nice

  5. I’ve seen some works by artist / photographer Yuval Yairi
    on exhibit at the Israel Museum last year, breathtaking!

  6. last week at the Science Museum in Jerusalem, at an event called “Heara 10”, a short video by Yuval Yairi & Anat Barel was on show among other artworks and videos by some great artists, very interesting!

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